Wait-list Policy - UW Oshkosh Radio TV Film
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Wait-List Policy

Radio TV Film offers a wait-list for the following upper level electives and capstone courses:

RTF 2520Q3 - Digital Narratives Quest III courseContact Dept Officearmstroc@uwosh.edu<
RTF- 341 Documentary Production Beth Hubbardhubbardb@uwosh.edu
RTF 350 - Cinematography/VideographyBeth Hubbardhubbardb@uwosh.edu
RTF 364 - Digital Communication and DesignAndrew Smocksmocka@uwosh.edu
RTF 406 - Advanced Post ProductionBeth Hubbardhubbardb@uwosh.edu
RTF 440 - Advanced Visual ProductionBeth Hubbardhubbardb@uwosh.edu

If a course is full, contact the instructor to be added to the wait-list. If a spot opens up in the course and you are next in line you will be given permission to enroll into the course by the department and then notified via email.