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Please use UWO Mobile “Chat with UWO PD” for urgent requests.  Call 9-1-1 for any emergencies.

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UW Oshkosh Risk and Safety

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Risk and Safety department is dedicated to preserving human, physical and financial assets of UW Oshkosh and supporting the teaching, research, learning and sustainability missions of our campus community. The Risk and Safety department provides resources  in various areas in order to reduce risk to the University and improve campus welfare.

The Risk and Safety department also handles property, liability, workers’ compensation, and auto claims. It assists with contract reviews, campus community safety, hazard identification and prevention, as well as acts as a liaison between UWO, the UW System and the Department of Administration.

Current Campus Conditions on UWO PD Twitter (@UWOPD)

You can also see current campus conditions on the Campus News Feed on UWO Mobile!