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Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Below are ways to stay safe while in the elements to prevent injuries this winter:



  • Plan ahead giving yourself enough time for travel
  • Wear appropriate footwear that provides traction
  • Limit what you carry to provide better balance
  • If you are walking any distance, wear 2-3 layers of clothing. A moisture-wicking material as first layer, and a wind and moisture protecting material on the outside
  • Avoid clothing and footwear that are too tight; this can restrict bloodflow, thereby reducing the flow of warm blood to your extremities
  • Get the UWO Mobile App for campus safety alerts


Take Care:

  • Use designated walkways and avoid taking shortcuts
  • When walking on steps, always use hand railings and plant feet firmly on each step
  • Look out for black ice, especially early in the morning and in areas shaded from the sun
  • Report hazardous conditions on Chat with UWO PD on UWO Mobile


Walk Like a Penguin:

  • Try to keep your hands free to help maintain your balance; if you’re carrying things, you lose your ability to steady yourself if you slip.
  • Keep knees slightly bent
  • Take slow short steps or shuffle to increase traction


How DOES a human walk like a penguin?  See a demo in this video from Think and Be Safe:

Stay Safe This Winter

Report hazardous conditions in “Chat with UWO Police”

You can also see current campus conditions on the Campus News Feed on UWO Mobile!