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Click the categories below to access forms, policies, procedures, and other documents and resources related to Risk and Safety at UW Oshkosh.

IMPORTANT:  Adobe (PDF) documents need to be saved/downloaded to your hard drive and opened from your desktop BEFORE you complete the form. The PDF will only save as blank from your browser.  If you complete the form in your browser, you will lose the information you completed and it will only be saved as a blank form.

Reporting Safety Concerns, Incidents and Claims

Report a Safety ConcernUse this form to report safety concerns, near misses, or minor incidents. If reporting hazardous conditions due to inclement weather, please alert Campus Police through the "Chat w/UWOPD" feature on the UWO Mobile App instead.
General Incident Report(DOA-6441)Used to report an accident that occurs on campus. Risk and Safety encourages the reporting of all incidents, especially if there have been injuries or property damage. Completed forms may be emailed to
Vehicle Incident Report (DOA 6496)Must be completed for any accidents with a State vehicle and submitted to within 24 hours of the incident. The accident to law enforcement immediately following the incident.
Employee Illness or InjuryLinks to the Worker's Compensation Page which has the steps and forms which must be completed when a work-related injury or illness occurs.
Lab Safety

UWO Lab Safety Manuals

UWO Biosafety ManualUWO Biosafety Manual - Updated 2/17/2022
UWO Chemical Hygiene PlanUWO Chemical Hygiene Plan - Updated 3/05/2018
UWO Laboratory Safety ManualUWO Laboratory Safety Manual- Updated 11/18/2021
UWO Hearing Conservation ProgramUWO Hearing Conservation Program - Reviewed 6/2018
UWO Exposure Control PlanUWO Exposure Control Plan (Bloodborne Pathogens Program) - Updated 3/31/2018
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX AJob Classifications with Occupational Exposure to Blood or Blood Products
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX BHepatitis B Declination Form
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX CHepatitis B Antibody Testing Declination Form
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX DConsent to Receive Hepatitis B Vaccination
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX ETraining Agenda for Employees with Potential Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX FBloodborne Pathogen Training Record
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX GHealth Care Professionals
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX HEmployee Hepatitis B Immunization Record Form
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX IDetermination of Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids
UWO Exposure Control Plan APPENDIX JRefusal of Post-Exposure Medical Evaluation for Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

Compliance Documents


Lab Safety Guidance/Reference Documents

Important procedures and guides for lab safety at UW Oshkosh
Biohazardous Materials Shipping GuideGuidance for shipping biohazardous materials
Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) GuideGuide on using a biosafety cabinet (BSC)
Peridox RTU Use on Biosafety CabinetsGuide for using Peridox RTU Disinfectant for biosafety cabinets
Peridox RTU Information GuideProduct information for Peridox RTU Disinfectant, including required PPE and effectiveness
Centrifuge SafetySafety guide for before, during, and after using a centrifuge
Chemicals Safe to AutoclaveIdentifies common chemicals and if they are safe to autoclave
Lab Incident Response ProcedureUWO procedure of what to do in case of a lab incident
Laboratory Inspections FormChecklist for lab safety compliance
Lab Waste Classification and DisposalUWO guidance on classifying and disposing of lab waste
OSHA Lab Coat Washing ProcedureOSHA lab coat washing procedure
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Lookup in ChemWatchUWO guidance on how to search ChemWatch for SDS
Spill Kit Response - BiologicalBiological spill kit use and procedure
Spill Kit Response - ChemicalChemical spill kit use and procedure
Chemical Spill Flow ChartVisual guide on what to do when a chemical spill occurs
Hazardous Waste Log SheetThe stored waste must be logged on a Hazardous Waste Log Sheet. This sheet is collected when the waste is picked up and used to assist in preparing the waste for shipment.
Quick Waste Disposal GuideQuick guide for UW Oshkosh disposal practices by waste type
Art Hazardous Waste Disposal Guidea printable (pdf) reference guide produced by UW Milwaukee, for the Art and Theater Department and used with permission, that breaks down the type of waste and what to do with it.

Laboratory Signs and Labels

A collection of signs, labels, and other visual identifiers for lab safety
Lab Door Sign - InteriorLab emergency information to be kept on interior side of lab door
Lab Door Sign - ExteriorIdentifies hazards and safety requirements before entering lab - to be displayed on exterior side of lab door
Equipment Decontamination Requirement SignNotice of need to decontaminate equipment before it leaves the lab
Hazard Communication LabelsIdentifies hazard labels and their applicability
Biohazard LabelIdentifies containment of biohazardous material
No Food or Drink Sign - In This AreaBiohazard sign communicating food and drink not allowed to be stored "in this area"
No Food or Drink Sign - In This FreezerBiohazard sign communicating food and drink not allowed to be stored "in this freezer"
No Food or Drink Sign - In This RefrigeratorBiohazard sign communicating food and drink not allowed to be stored "in this refrigerator"
No Food or Drink - Mini Sign/LabelMini signs/labels to identify areas not safe for food or drink
Peridox RTU Disinfectant Hazard LabelHazard communication label for Peridox RTU Disinfectant
Lab Waste Separation LabelsWaste receptacle labels for separation of lab waste
Autoclave MaterialsLabeling & other requirements for autoclaving materials
Biohazard Disposal PosterInformation regarding sorting and disposal of biohazardous waste
Waste Disposal SignageWaste Disposal Signage (link coming soon)
Third-Party Agreements
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)Template used to formalize the terms of a partnership between the University and an outside agency.
Facility Use AgreementForm for non-University sponsored activities and/or programs to request use of University facilities.
Uniform Affiliation AgreementFor student field placement or internships with an outside agency agreeing to participate in a cooperative effort with the University. Must be signed by the outside agency before submission to for review and approval.
Caregiver AddendumThis form is required for all health care field placements or internships. This completed addendum must be attached to the above listed Uniform Affiliation Agreement.
Hire a VolunteerSee the HR "Volunteer Hiring Process" page to find the most current forms and process.