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Environmental Health and Safety Committee

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Environmental Health and Safety Committee is dedicated to promoting healthy and safe environments for all persons of the UW Oshkosh campus community, by identifying and rectifying unsafe practices and conditions.

Additionally, the Committee works to develop and implement policies designed to improve safe work procedures, increase campus awareness of health and safety issues, and reduce risk on campus.

Environmental Health and Safety Committee Mission and Charter

Charge: To review health and safety concerns, work to resolve issues or problems informally where possible, and provide recommendations to the administration.

Composition: Faculty — 2; Academic Staff — 2; University Staff — 3; Students — 2; (1) Co-Chair appointed by Administration; Administration — 1; Ex Officio — 5 — (1)Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, (1)Residence Life representative (1) University Police, (1) Facilities Management, (1), Chemical Hygiene Officer/Haz Waste Coordinator (1).

Chair: The Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator co-chairs with a member appointed by the Administration.

Charter: The EH&S Charter defines the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Environmental Health and Safety Committee’s functions, composition, responsibilities, meetings, and operating rules. Click here to learn more.

Health and Safety Annual Report

Every Fiscal Year an annual report is drafted by the Chair of the Health and Safety Committee elaborating on the business conducted and the plans for the coming year. This report also includes a list of members and meetings conducted throughout the year.

Health and Safety Annual Report Archive

2016-2017 Health and Safety Committee Annual Report

Committee Membership 2018-2020
  • Faculty
    • Filipova, Anna (10): S/S (Public Administration)., (920) 424-3230. Term expires 2022.
    • Hansen, Sara Steffes (13): Humanities (Journalism)., (920) 424-7147. Term expires 2020.
  • Academic Staff
    • Marcoe, Patrick: Student Rec & Wellness Center., (920) 424-1282. Term expires 2022.
  • University Staff
    • Paul, George (09): Telecommunications., (920) 424-0377. Term expires 2020.
    • Ready, Amy: College of Education & Human Services., (920) 424-1231. Term expires 2021.
    • Mosley, Kristina: Theatre., (920) 424-7042. Term expires 2021.
  • Students
    • Open
  • Administration
    • Long, Colin: Administration., (920) 424-1217.
  • Ex Officio:
    • Welch, Lori (co-chair): EHS Coordinator., (920) 424-0985.
    • Hermes, Chuck (co-chair): Facilities Management., (920) 424-3466.
    • Tarmann, Chris: University Police., (920) 424-1212.
    • Vander Zanden, Patrick: Resident Life., (920) 424-0480.
    • Potratz, Gregory: Chemical Hygiene Officer., (920) 424-1488.