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Risk Management

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is self-insured through the State, with additional supplemental policies that fill in the gaps of self-coverage.  Below is a short list of insurance topics with summaries.  

Certificates of Coverage (Proof of University Insurance)

Outside agencies may ask for proof of insurance from the University for an event or activity.  All requests must go through the Risk & Safety office and may take up to two weeks.  Click here to go to the Certificate of Coverage Request Form.

Certificates of Insurance

When the University contracts with a vendor for materials, equipment, supplies, or services, that vendor’s activities and the goods provided create an inherent liability risk to the institution. The goal of this program is to protect the University from loss or exposure to loss resulting from any negligence on the part of an under/uninsured vendor who furnishes services to the institution. For high-risk procurement, obtaining a certificate of insurance provides evidence that insurance has been obtained by the vendor, transferring risks associated with the business relationship with the vendor (the University) to the insurer. 

Property Insurance

The State Self-Funded Property Program (SSPP) provides coverage for the loss of University-owned real and personal property, motor vehicle physical damage, business interruption, extra expenses and some bailments.  The SSPP is administered through the Bureau of State Risk Management (BSRM) in the Department of Administration, through which all final coverage decisions and loss payments are made. 

Liability Insurance

Under the State Self-Funded Liability Program (SSLP), UW Oshkosh has coverage for liability claims, which occur when the actions of one University Employee causes damage to property or persons. Any incident that might be considered a liability claim should be reported to the Risk Management Office immediately. All claims are handled by the Department of Administration. 

Special Events

Some University events may not be covered by the State Self-insured Program. For these events, additional insurance may be required and purchased through the Risk & Safety Office. 

Camps and Clinics

UW System provides blanket insurance to cover the risk associated with camps and clinics held at UW Oshkosh.  All University camp and clinic directors must work with the Risk & Safety office for current compliance requirements, data reporting, and premium payment.


Transit insurance protects items being shipped to or from campus.  The process to receive coverage is a fairly simple, with the process dependent upon the item’s value.  

Employee Travel

Europ Assistance is a travel insurance program provided at no cost to UW Oshkosh employees while traveling abroad in the course and scope of their employment.