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Research Grants

Each year, SIRT awards grants to UW Oshkosh faculty and staff for interdisciplinary projects that address issues of sustainability. Learn about this year’s award winners here.

For information on grant opportunities and UW Oshkosh policies, visit the Grants Office.

The ERIC Lab can provide assistance with standard laboratory testing to support your research.

If you wish to conduct research in the area of biogas generation and use, consult with the staff at the Biogas program.

For information about ongoing research projects related to sustainability, see our Directory.


Current Opportunities:

Call for Proposals: Sustainability Challenge Grants

The Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (SIRT) invites proposals to support interdisciplinary research, teaching, creative activity, or outreach in the area of sustainability, broadly conceived. Two groups will receive up to $7,500 each, which must be spent by August 31, 2020.

Faculty and staff from all programs and units on all three campuses – including the arts and humanities, social and physical sciences, business, nursing, and education, and campus operations – are encouraged to apply. We welcome proposals that will build community and strengthen intellectual connections across campus and in the broader community (especially those attentive to long-term collaborations). The grant can be used to fund any activities that fall under the purview of the goals of SIRT (About SIRT). Some examples of how the grant money might be used are: to fund faculty workshops or conferences, initiate new collaborative research projects, engage undergraduate and graduate students, provide support for the teaching of sustainability, and organize outreach activities. Funds may be used for stipends, but not course releases/buyouts, since there are not sufficient funds to support multiple buyouts for an individual project. Projects that have already received significant campus resources are not eligible to apply.


Proposal requirements:

  • Proposals must include faculty/staff from at least two programs/units and demonstrate how the expertise and perspective of each participant will contribute to the interdisciplinary nature of the project

  • The proposed project must fit within a broadly conceived definition of sustainability, and the proposers must make clear how the end results may contribute to the understanding and practice of sustainability (see some definitions here).

  • Proposals must discuss how they establish or support research clusters at SIRT. Research clusters are interdisciplinary groups of faculty and staff who are working together to study a key sustainability issue. For examples of current research clusters, see here; research clusters can be developed around general themes (e.g., climate change) or specific projects (e.g., our bird strike project).

  • Lead faculty or staff in the groups should be willing to join SIRT as an Affiliate (Affiliates), if not already affiliated.

  • We are especially interested in funding projects with the potential to impact northeast Wisconsin as well as those that include partners outside the university.


We recommend discussing proposals with SIRT personnel before submission. We know that interdisciplinary research is new to many faculty. We are happy to help you develop and refine your project; please come talk to us! Contact SIRT Associate Director Stephanie Spehar ( to discuss your idea or set up a meeting.

The applications are due by 5:00 pm on Friday, November 22, 2019.

The following materials are required:

  • one-page cover letter summarizing the proposal and listing key personnel

  • three-page, single-spaced project description including project outcomes, establishment or support of a research cluster, and significance of work for sustainability

  • one-page budget

  • two-page CVs for key personnel (one CV per person)

  • Applicants must be listed on the SIRT website or apply to be listed by filling out this form before submitting your application

Submit these items as a single .pdf file to by the deadline.

Successful proposals will be evaluated in part by their potential to:

  • Build and strengthen existing thematic research clusters as identified by SIRT, or form new research clusters as appropriate
  • Enhance and expand participation in the SIRT community at UWO
  • Build new connections across disciplines at UWO
  • Involve undergraduate and/or graduate students in research
  • Demonstrate a direct impact on northeast Wisconsin
  • Include partners outside the university


Deadline to apply:  5:00 pm, November 22, 2019

Project Timeframe:  Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Spring and Summer 2020.

Final Reports: Due November 1, 2020. Grantees will be ineligible for further grants from SIRT unless a report is filed.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Spehar, Associate Director, SIRT, at

Contact Info:

(920) 424-0440
SIRT Office: 4483 Sage Hall