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Sustainability Resources

SIRT has developed an online training course called “Introduction to Sustainability“. This brief overview gives the novice an entryway into the subject, with an assessment at the end and a completion certificate to demonstrate your learning. If you would like to take the course, go to this site then click on SIRT Training in the left menu. If you would like your students or employees to take the course contact to discuss options.

Campus Resources

A list of the UW Oshkosh campus initiatives and departments who contribute to sustainability.

Did You Know?

SIRT helps educate the UW Oshkosh community about local sustainability efforts. The Did You Know? cooperative project with the Campus Sustainability Office and the Campus Sustainability Council spotlights the good work happening both on campus and off.

Fact Sheets

The various academic departments at UW Oshkosh each have a crucial role in the sustainability efforts of our campus, our community, and the region. Check out our Fact Sheets to learn about how different communities on campus contribute to sustainability!

Teaching Sustainability

Sustainability is a complicated and contested concept. The introductory readings and materials on sustainability in our Teaching Sustainability page address this complicated and essential idea from a variety of perspectives.

Teaching Modules

The teaching modules included here are designed to give instructors an introduction to some of the key concepts in sustainability. The modules can be used in introductory or advanced courses. Some modules include sample assignments or readings, others include recommendations on videos or field-based assignments