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Sociology Major and Minor Check Sheet

Sociology Major Requirements (33 total credits)

Core Classes (18 total credits):

  • 200-level Foundations of Sociology, Applied Sociology, Social Statistics
  • 300-level Classical & Contemporary Theory and Social Research Methods
  • 400-level Senior Seminar capstone (major research project)

Electives (15 total credits)

Three optional Emphases for depth

Four electives and an internship in one of these areas:

1. Organization, Community, & Environment

2. Social Control, Deviance, & Criminology

3. Social Equity & Diversity

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Breadth requirement for non-Emphases (5 electives, at least one in each emphasis area)


Required courses for sociology minors

A minor in sociology is a good addition for many disciplines within the natural and physical sciences, social sciences or humanities.

A minimum of 21 sociology credits are required for sociology minors.

Required Courses:

  • Sociology: Sociology 101
  • Electives: Sufficient courses from the Department’s offerings in Sociology to meet the Minimum Requirement.

*Note: Students who complete the electives specified above may be eligible for Sociology 467, Internship in Sociology, 1-8 units (crs.).