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Annual Potluck and Awards Get Together 


Celebration of Scholarship

Spring 2019

Working Through Uncertainty: The Perils and Potential of Community-Engaged Research on Refugee Resettlement

More than 30 students, all of our full-time faculty and one of our instructional staff people, as well as numerous other UWO staff and area residents participated in the refugee resettlement study project, which now has its first publication



Sociology Academic Open House 

Spring 2019

Celebration of Scholarship

Spring 2018

Jeremy Norris  

Michael Lockwood

Ariannah Albrecht Hanke

Karenna Jolin, Rukayat Ajagbe and Amber Heller

Savannah Shaw

Mark Krueger

Cheyenne Burchell and Ashley Derks

Cydney Pufahl

Lauren Ott

Ian Murphy

Karenna Jolin

Melanie Thao

Charlie Scott

Miranda Behringer

Lauren Ott and Nick Mand

Amber Heller


You can find relevant articles and upcoming events with this link:

Provocative article about the impact sociology can make on society:  What if Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists?

Dr. Peter Remender’s Retirement Potluck!



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