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Award Acceptance and Setup

Once a grant proposal has been sent through the peer review process and been recommended for funding, the sponsor’s Program Officer will often notify the Principal Investigator (PI) directly through e-mail, or through the sponsor’s e-notification system of the intent to award. Such preliminary or informal advice may precede official notification by as much as several months.  Principal Investigators on a potentially-funded award should not begin work or incur costs under the grant until the sponsor’s official written notice of award has been received and accepted by the University.

The PI must forward all notifications of award to OSP at osp@uwosh.edu.  Office staff will enter the award information into the University financial accounting system, update the proposal status in their tracking system, and will review the award terms and conditions to ensure they are acceptable per University conditions.  

The acceptance of an award, once official notification has been received, represents a formal obligation by the University.  The PI, in conjunction with the Office of Sponsored Programs, and the Risk Manager, must review the provisions of each offer before acceptance. The PI should ascertain that the scope of work and budget are consistent with his or her proposal and review the schedule for reporting progress or other deliverables.

Award documents that require a signature for acceptance are to be signed by the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) of the university after the Grants office has negotiated the award.  Once the award documents are signed by the AOR, the project may begin.  Information about the award startup meeting will be discussed in the next section. 

Startup meeting

Startup Meeting

Once the award documents or agreements have been signed by the AOR, OSP staff will schedule an award startup meeting with the PI.  This meeting is seen as the official hand-off of the award from Pre-Award to Post-Award phase.  This also allows the PI, Pre-Award staff, and the Grants Accountant a chance to review the award terms and conditions together, review reporting or deliverable requirements, set up the project account in preparation for spending, and to address any questions or concerns.  Startup meeting typically last 30-60 minutes.  

Project Account Setup

The Grants Accountant will assign the new award a project account and will share this number with the PI.  The PI is responsible for ensuring that all project-related expenses for the award are charged to the project account.  It is highly recommended that PIs request access to WISDM so they can properly track the spending and remaining balance under their project account.  Budget summaries can be provided by the Grants Accountant upon request. 

Reporting Requirements

Awards will vary greatly in their requirements for financial and progress reporting.  As a standard, the PI is responsible for ensuring that progress/performance reports are submitted on-time following the sponsor’s expectations.  Financial reports and invoices for reimbursement are handled by the Grants Accountant.  The reporting requirements under a new award will be discussed during the startup meeting so that all parties understand the sponsor’s expectations.  

Proposal Revisions & Budget Reallocations

If the amount of money awarded is different from that requested in the proposal, a revised budget will be needed before the account can be created.  Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance with revising your budget.  The PI can also bring the revised budget to the startup meeting or, optimally, provide the revised budget to OSP prior to the startup meeting.  Budget revisions or reallocations may also be necessary during the course of the project.  If this is the case, please contact OSP and the Grants Accountant for assistance.  Some federal sponsors provide a list of items that would require prior approval before the change can be implemented at the institution level.  OSP can provide guidance in these situations.

Hiring & Paying Personnel

UW Oshkosh has several different employee classifications and each classification has as associated fringe benefit rate.  Fringe benefit rates for the current fiscal year can be found: Here

Human Resources can be contacted for details regarding employee classifications and job titles. Please work with your Grants Accountant to ensure appropriate paperwork is in place.

Human Resources Home Page

Other Startup Items to Consider

Contact Postal Services


Postal Services is on the mail processing center for all academic and administrative departments at UW Oshkosh.  A mail code is used to charge postage, printing and copy charges directly to your grant.  The Postal Services website provides information on mail delivery schedules and mailing supplies and services.  Individuals can also visit this website to request a postal code for their grant.  Postal codes are assigned to grants to allow the PI to directly charge mail and printing expenses to the project.  

Postal Services Website

E-mail:  postalserv@uwosh.edu


If your department paid for any postage, printing or copy charges before you received a mail code then you need to move these backcharges to your project account.  This transfer of funds is completed through a Transaction Transfer Request (TTR) form.  Forms can be located on the Finance and Administration website or by contacting your Grants Accountant.

Finance and Administration Website

Obtain a Procurement Card

A Visa procurement card can be issued to a PI if they will be making purchases of materials and supplies for their project.  The individual applying for the procurement card will be required to sign an agreement and to track expenditures on a reportable monthly basis.  Paperwork for applying for the procurement card in addition to UW Oshkosh procurement policies and restricted purchases listings can be found on the Purchasing website.

Financial Services-Purchasing Website

Obtain a WISDM Online Accounting ID and Password

UW Oshkosh does not provide printed accounting reports.  Instead, PIs can directly access their budgetary and accounting information through the Wisconsin System for Data Management (WISDM), a web-based accounting system utilized across the UW system.  It is the PI’s responsibility to review accounting detail for accuracy. If you have questions about a posted expenditure in WISDM, contact your Grant Accountant immediately. It is recommended that PIs maintain their own tracking sheet of expenditures under their grant.  This sheet can be cross-referenced against WISDM to ensure all expenditures on the project account are allowable and correct. 

If you need to set up your WISDM access please contact your Grant Accountant. Your Grants Accountant can also provide a brief training tutorial for new WISDM users.


PI’s working with vendors on contracts should notify their assigned Grants Accountant at the grant start-up meeting. The Grants Accountant can work with the purchasing office to establish appropriate negotiations between the university and the vendor. The State of Wisconsin has an established Ineligible Vendor List, which should be checked prior to making any purchases. 

Additional information on purchasing guideliens can be found on the UW Oshkosh Purchasing website.