Grant Considerations:

Foreign Support:

Investigators are responsible for including sources of foreign support consistent with the agency’s requirements in sponsored projects documents. Reporting of foreign gifts and contracts must follow UW System Policy.


  • The Office of Sponsored Programs can assist faculty and staff with the review process and execution of international research agreements. To request the review of an agreement, please fill out the Agreement Review Request Form (link to Agreements Page)
  • Researchers wishing to send tangible research materials to collaborators outside of the United States, should consult with the Office of Sponsored Programs to determine if a Material Transfer Agreement is required.
  • All agreements must be signed by someone with authority to sign on behalf of UW Oshkosh.
  • Service contracts (fee-for service) are overseen by the Office of Finance and Administration.

Export Control:

  • Federal export regulations govern shipments and release of certain commodities, technologies, and software to Non-U.S. locations or persons. Individuals conducting research projects should become familiar with U.S. export control regulations related to international shipments, travel, use of technology, and interactions with restricted parties.
  • Researchers wishing to import or export biological materials should consult with the Institutional Biosafety Committee: Training and special permits may be required for the shipments.

A: Award Notice

Grant awards are issued to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh rather than to individual PIs and therefore, only the Authorized Representative for UWO will sign any official award documentation or agreements. Sponsors will send award decisions to OSP, the PI, or both. If the PI receives the award decision they should forward to right away so that the Pre-Award team can update their tracking system accordingly. If the proposal is funded, Pre-Award staff will work with the PI to negotiate the award agreement, review the terms and conditions, and establish the award at the University. The PI should not begin work on a proposal, or incur proposal costs, until the sponsor’s official written notice of award (or grant agreement) has been received, reviewed and signed. The acceptance of a grant award represents a formal obligation for the University, and therefore, the PI is expected to work with OSP to ensure the award terms are appropriate and that all parties understand the obligation(s) under the award 

B: Subawards

Awards that include issuance of a subaward to a collaborating institution (i.e. subrecipient) will require that OSP issue a subaward agreement. OSP will create an agreement that includes a copy of the award terms, subrecipient scope of work, subrecipient budget, and other supporting documents. This agreement is then routed to the subrecipient institution’s Office of Sponsored Programs for review and formal signature. Once the agreement is fully executed then the relationship between the partnering institutions can officially commence. UW Oshkosh will request regular invoices from the subrecipient to ensure spending of subaward funds is in line with the approved scope of work.

C: Startup Meeting

OSP schedules an award startup meeting for newly funded awards. This is a time for the Pre-Award team, Grants Accountant, and the PI/project team to meet and review the award terms and performance expectations. 

D: Project Account Setup

The Grants Accountant will assign the new award to a project account in WISER. This is the project account that the PI will use to charge for all project-related expenses. It is highly recommended that the PI have access to WISER to allow for tracking the budget, spending, and remaining balance of their award.

E: Progress & Financial Reporting

Reporting requirements will vary widely by sponsor. As a standard, the PI is responsible for completing and submitting progress reports while the Grants Accountant is responsible for submitting financial reports and invoices for reimbursement. 

Other Award Setup Considerations

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Our Team Members

Office Contact

Phone: (920) 424-3215
Office Location: Dempsey 214

Mailing Address: 800 Algoma Blvd. Oshkosh, WI 54901-8627