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TRIO Student Support Services

Campus Center for Equity and Diversity

Oshkosh, WI 54901



Monday-Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Learning Groups for First-Year Students

Learning Groups are small groups of first-year students who meet weekly with two upperclassmen to learn about college success, academic skills and leadership development.

All first-year students in the SSS program will be assigned a Learning Group based on their class schedule.

  • Weekly attendance is required to be in the program.

Mission: To build an engaged community of first-generation learners who actively learn from peers about themselves, college life and how to be successful and engaged students.

Meet Your Leaders 2018-2019

Kasey Hirst

Major: Psychology

“SSS taught me to be confident in public speaking and to not be afraid to ask questions. Learning Groups helped me make friends, and they were literally my backbone as a freshman. I want to help other first-gen students like myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

Tabitha Prochaska

Major: Elementary Education

“SSS helped me learn the resources available on campus and the impact others can have on you. Learning groups gave me a sense of motivation, recognition, and acceptance. I became a leader to help and impact the students; it helps me feel like a better person.”

Richel Thao

Major: Medical Lab Tech

“With SSS I was exposed to resources and learned how to communicate in uncomfortable settings. Learning Groups let me know I wasn’t the only one like me (first-gen). My favorite part is being in a safe and judge-free environment.”

Jessica Martinez

Major: Secondary Ed. Spanish

“With SSS I learned about resources, time management, budgeting. In Learning Groups it was comforting knowing that all of us (first-gen) were going through the same thing. My favorite thing about SSS is it’s a home away from home with a super supportive family.”

MaySee Kue

Major: Nursing

“SSS allowed me to seek out resources and helped me meet other first-gen students. My Learning Groups showed me guidance along the way. My favorite part is being part of a friendly group. I want to help nervous students who come to UWO”

MaLee Lor

Major: Elementary Education

“SSS taught me the do’s and don’ts of college. It helped me feel comfortable in the college setting and know where resources are on campus. I became a leader because I want my students to experience the fun I did in my Learning Group.”

Ashley Placek

Major: Elementary Education

“SSS taught me there’s always something new to be learned. I taught me about things I didn’t even know I had questions about, and helped me out of my comfort zone. Learning groups helped me learn about the FAFSA, which my parents didn’t really know about.”

Hannah Weber

Major: Environmental Studies

“SSS taught me to be more creative, to use what I have. I learned about things I didn’t think I needed to know. My favorite part of SSS is having a place to get away, and helping others. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without SSS.”

Rebecca Madsen

‘Becky’ serves as a Learning Group Leader as well as our SSS Graduate Intern. She is an additional resource to all SSS student along side their SSS advisors.

“To me, SSS means a place to feel like I belong and I am not alone with my struggles. “

Natalie Dominguez

Major: Anthropology

“SSS taught me to navigate college. They pointed me in the right directions if I needed help. Learning Groups connected me with other first-gen students and I look forward to provide the same support for others that I received last year.”

Doua Xiong

Major: Biology Healthcare

“I met friends in Learning Groups. SSS made me feel like I belong and am not alone. As a leader I want to help others like how I’ve been helped and welcomed to UWO. I’m excited to meet new people and create more bonds in Learning Group!”