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Learning Groups for
First-Year Students

Learning Groups are small groups of first-year students who meet weekly with two upperclassmen to learn about college success, academic skills and leadership development.

All first-year students in the SSS program will be assigned a Learning Group based on their class schedule.

  • Weekly attendance is required to be in the program.

Mission: To build an engaged community of first-generation learners who actively learn from peers about themselves, college life and how to be successful and engaged students.

Meet Your Leaders 2019-2020

MaySee Kue

Major: Nursing

“SSS allowed me to have the resources I need to strive for success. Without SSS, I would not be where I am today. My favorite part of being in SSS is the friendly faces I get to see every day and their support in wanting to see me succeed.”

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“I wanted to be a Learning Group Leader to help other students who are just like me to succeed. I want to be someone they can count on and talk to if they ever need anything. SSS is a place that helped me through my freshman year as a first-gen student. It has allowed me to grow into an adult with the help of my fellow friends and SSS staff. It is a place I can to go to receive help, a place where I can study, a place I can talk to my friends/advisor, and most importantly, a place I can be myself.”

Malee Lor

Major: Elementary Education

“SSS helped me learn that things will always be changing, and provided me with the advice, resources, and support I needed in order to get into the courses I need and be on track for graduation. My favorite part about being in SSS is the relationship building. Because I am a Learning Group Leader, not only do I know my advisor very well, I get to know some of the other advisors, and I get to build relationships with other Learning Group Leaders, as well as, the first-generation students in my Learning Group.”

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“To me, SSS means a lot. I have been able to build new relationships with students, other Learning Group Leaders, and the SSS staff. SSS has also expanded my knowledge on the resources on campus that can help enhance my academic success. I will be forever grateful that I was able to be in this program, or I would probably be lost in college right now. I wanted to be a Learning Group Leader because I want to be able to practice creating lesson plans, and getting connected with other college students, and let them know that they are not alone in their experiences. Also, just really being there for the first generation students in the program, and letting them know that I am there for them if they ever need anything.

Ashley Placek

Major: Elementary Education

 “SSS allowed me to branch out and meet new people. It allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and teach me more information and life skills that I wouldn’t have learned without SSS. It has given me a new opportunity to succeed and to teach. It has given me knowledge to succeed in my career as a future educator. My favorite part of being in SSS is meeting and working with new people around the Oshkosh community.”

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“SSS is a family to me. Everyone I work with and encounter means a lot to me and I know it is reciprocated. I wanted to be a learning group leader to give back to those who gave to me my freshman year. I wanted to help others that need help just as much as I did.”

Doua Xiong

Major: Biology Healthcare

“I met friends in Learning Groups. SSS made me feel like I belong and am not alone. As a leader I want to help others like how I’ve been helped and welcomed to UWO. I’m excited to meet new people and create more bonds in Learning Group!”

Corina Lee

Major: Business

“SSS has exposed me to individuals who face similar struggles that I do.  My favorite part of being in SSS is the people that I have met.”



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“I wanted to be a learning group leader because I wanted to improve my leadership skills.  SSS is a resource that has assisted me in my college experience.”

Emily Liesch

Major: Social Work

“SSS helped me realize I am not alone and that being first generation is super special. My favorite part of being in SSS was realizing that I am not alone and that being first generation is super special. We should embrace being first generation rather than be embarrassed.”

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“I wanted to be a learning group to share with students my story. I too was once in their shoes and completely understand what they are going through. To also show them that I started as a shy quiet student never really wanting to put myself out there in fear of judgment and look at me now, I’m a leader! I take risks and feel I am a different person for the better.

SSS holds a special place in my heart. It helped build confidence in me and meet new people. I never feel dumb when asking a question about college or life in general.”

Emmalie Grobner

Major: Elementary Education

“SSS helped me find my place. I have found lifelong friends and I never feel alone in SSS.  My favorite part is how often we get to meet with our advisors and how friendly they all are.”



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“I wanted to be a learning group leader because I love this program and I wanted to have the same impact on my students that my leaders did.  To me SSS means family, everyone there is helping you succeed and cheering you on.”


Jessica Martinez


“With SSS I learned about resources, time management, budgeting. In Learning Groups it was comforting knowing that all of us (first-gen) were going through the same thing. My favorite thing about SSS is it’s a home away from home with a super supportive family.”




Jessica Blaha

Major: Nursing

“SSS helped me ease my transition into college because I am a big family person and being away from home made me miss them.  My favorite part about being in SSS is the relationships that I have made. I enjoy getting to know people and learning from others as well.”

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“I wanted to be a learning group leader because I really enjoyed learning groups last year and I wanted to give back and hope to give others an amazing experience as well.  To me SSS is really important and I am lucky that I get to be a part of it because not everyone is able to have people outside of their family that support them. SSS made my college transition easier and has taught me to be more open.”

Samantha Maycunich

Major: Pre Nursing

“SSS has allowed me to be the true person I am and learn to accept and love that. My favorite part of being in SSS is the amount of people who I have gotten to meet.”

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“I wanted to be a Learning Group Leader to have an opportunity to impact other students lives like my last year leaders did to mine. To me SSS means more opportunities and friendships with people who have similar experiences.”

Cheyanne Grunow

Major: Spanish Education, ESL, Bilingual Education

“SSS taught me it’s okay to be different, we all bring our own funky qualities to one university.  My favorite part of SSS is the amazing people!”

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“SSS is a place I can feel comfortable and able to talk to anyone about anything. I wanted to be a LGL to create relationships with first year students.”

Tannyr Locy

Major: Dual Education

“SSS taught me the fundamentals and importance of being a successful first-generation college student. I have learned financially literacy, how to write winning scholarships and being an active member in the community. One of my favorite things within SSS is the dedicated advisors that work hard to meet your needs as a student. They want to know you as not only a student but a person too. Taking more time out of your day so you can succeed academically and professionally.”

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“SSS means being a part a community, rather another family, of people with shared values of being a first-generation student. All trying to complete graduating on time and being successful professionals. I wanted to become a Learning Group Leader because I saw the importance of the SSS program and what I gave to me. I wanted to be a part of that and give it back to new students striving for the same goals in college.”

JonMichael Cope

Major: Biology

“SSS helped me utilize the resources that were available on campus and make lots of new friends! Learning groups! I love the relationships that I have made during them!”

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“Trio means the opportunity to succeed. The advisors want you to succeed and will help you every step of the way. The knowledge that I gained through them and my Learning Group leaders carries its weight in gold. I wanted to help other students succeed and build friendships along the way.”

Pamela Yang

Major: Nursing

“SSS exposed me to many great opportunities offered through the program such as scholarships, mentorship, volunteer events in the community, and most importantly SSS exposed me to people I can relate to and build bonds with. My favorite part of being in SSS is just being able to talk to the faculty staff and my coworkers. Everyone is so friendly and every time I’m there they never fail to brighten up my day.”

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“To me, SSS means togetherness because SSS makes me feel belonged and included. I wanted to be a Learning Group leader to help guide students like myself and to be there for them if they ever need to talk.”