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2022 – 2030
Strategic Plan
Development Process

A Message from the Chancellor

Dear University community,

In August 2021, I charged a group of 14 of your peers across our three campuses to commence the development of UWO’s 2022-2027 strategic plan.

Members of the committee were selected in consultation with shared governance and will attend a charge meeting at noon today. Their work will begin in earnest developing the plan that will guide our institution over the next five years. They are asked to submit a final report to shared governance and me for approval in April 2022.

Before this group even formed, our own Customized Center for Research and Services conducted an extensive environmental scan of our University and region. This document will be used to inform the group’s work.

The Strategic Plan Committee (see the full list of membership below) will be charged with developing strategic goals and relaying to our community the implementation and action steps. This will include identifying those who will be responsible for that implementation. In spring, I will convene a permanent committee that will have responsibility for plan accountability, monitoring progress, making course corrections, reporting on the plan and other facets.

Throughout the plan development, there will be opportunities for your input. We will keep you informed of how to provide that input.

We focus our energies on developing a comprehensive strategic plan first and foremost because it is the right thing to do. Coming off a year where the pandemic changed so many things and in the midst of celebrating our 150th year, now is a great time to look at the past and use it to help us inform our future. A strategic plan also is required for accreditation.

I look forward to the results this group will produce as we draft a plan that will provide us with the vision and opportunity to drive the success and excellence of our students, our staff, our faculty, our institution and our region.

Chancellor Andy Leavitt
he, him, his

View the Strategic Plan Committee’s approved Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process
Click each to open a PDF of meeting minutes after our monthly meetings to follow our progress.

Strategic Planning Committee is charged
Discuss UW Oshkosh’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
Determine mission, vision and foundational elements/values
Update strategic priorities
Circulate draft plan for comment internally and externally / Create monitoring and reporting framework
Determine key performance indicators and metrics
Review plans submitted by Implementation Teams for each strategic priority
Approve Strategic Plan for presentation to the Chancellor

View our Meeting Agenda and Minutes

UW Oshkosh Strategic Plan Membership

Committee members:

Jennifer Schuttlefield Christus (COLS) – faculty, Oshkosh campus – chair
Chad Cotti (COB)
– faculty, Oshkosh campus 
Brooke Berrens – university staff, Oshkosh campus
Karl Boehler – instructional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Teysha Bowser (COEHS) – faculty, Oshkosh campus
Rocio Cortes – faculty, Oshkosh campus
Heather Englund (CON) – faculty, Oshkosh campus
Toni House – faculty, Oshkosh campus
Alicia Johnson – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Grace Lim – instructional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Pam Massey – faculty, Fox Cities campus
Luiza Nelson – student, Oshkosh campus
Alayne Peterson – faculty, Fond du Lac campus
Joe Pirillo – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus

Strategic Planning Subject Matter Experts:

Byron Adams – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Larry Carlin
– professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Caroline Geary – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Aggie Hanni – professional academic staff, Cabinet, Oshkosh campus
Charlie Hill – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Lynn Kleman – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Kaili Lee – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Jeff Sachse – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Carlos Salazar – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Stephanie Spehar (COLS) – faculty, Oshkosh campus
Liz Whalley – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus

Strategic Planning Committee Project Team:

Elizabeth Hartman – academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Alex Hummel – professional academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Kim Langolf – academic staff, Oshkosh campus
Mina Kuss – academic staff, Oshkosh campus

UMC Liaison:

Shane Nyman – academic staff, Oshkosh campus