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Admissions Office Activities (2020)

Admissions Office Activities (2019)

Career and Professional Development

Snapshot (2020-2021)

First Destination Outcomes (2019-2020)

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Counseling Center

Dean of Students

Financial Aid

  1. Number of students who visited the office in Fall of 2020: 1090
  2. Number of students who visited the office in Spring of 2021: 521 (as of 4-28-21)
  3. Time to see advisor: Average less than 1 min (with meetings lasting between 5-30 min)
  4. Turnaround time on paperwork: Average less than 48 hours
  5. % of students receiving aid for 2020-2021: 79%
  6. FAFSA’s filed for 2021-2022 year: 9191 (as of 4-28-21)
  7. Amount of emergency grants disbursed in 2020-2021: $6,273,208
  8. Work Study dollars earned for 2020-2021: $395,079 (as of 4-28-21) compared to same time in 2019-2020 $440,239
  9. The main reason to visit the office: To turn in Verification Documents necessary to complete the Financial Aid process
  10. Number one place to get Financial Aid information: UWO financial aid website

New Student & Family Programs

Reeve Union and University Dining

NASPA Consortium Student Union survey, spring 2022:

Student employees of Reeve Union were asked several questions regarding “As a result of my employment in the Student Union (on a scale of 1 – 5) …”.

Answer Reeve Mean National Mean
My time management skills have improved  4.04  3.92
My leadership skills have improved  4.11  3.99
My ability to work as a team has improved  4.14  4.08
My organizational skills have improved  4.04  4.00
I have gained skills/experience relevant to my future career  3.96  3.79
I have gained skills/experiences that I will use after college  4.18  3.93

Event Program Numbers and Attendance

Year  Number of Events  Number of Attendees 
2021-2022 365 24,851
2020-2021 280 20,827
2019-2020 338 28,952
2018-2019 402 32,146

Cabinet Food Pantry Usage

 Year   Total Users  Unique Users  Pounds of Food Distributed
  2021-2022  924 392  7,234.35 lbs.
  2020-2021  636 280  5,322.02 lbs.
 *Spring 2020  224 140 Approx. 1,000 lbs.

*open 2 months prior to campus closure.


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Residence Life

Student Health Center

Accomplishments (2022)

When surveying students in March 2022, the SHC learned many students requested web scheduling as an appointment scheduling option. As an outcome, in April 2022 the SHC opened web scheduling for more than 20 appointment types!

When surveying students in March 2022, the SHC was reported to be doing well in:

  • Having staff who are nice, friendly/welcoming, and good at communication.
  • Offering efficient and timely services.

When surveying students in March 2022, the SHC discovered the following reasons for students not seeking care at the clinic:

  • Students being online for academics.
  • Students being unsure of what services the SHC offers.

As a result, the SHC has tasked two staff members to help refurbish the SHC website with a goal to better show services offered, including telehealth options. The SHC also has staff members engaging more in social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

As a quality initiative to increase Influenza vaccination rates on campus, the SHC has been tracking data from UW-Oshkosh, as well as from 3 additional UW campuses, since 2019. When benchmarked against the 3 additional UW campuses, UW-Oshkosh has the 2nd highest for percentage of students vaccinated for Influenza by the campus health center.

The SHC plans to continue to explore options for offering free Influenza vaccines to students. The SHC has started to create partnerships on campus to help promote vaccination: with Athletic Training, Rec and Wellness, and Health Advocates within Residence Life.


Accomplishments (2021)

From surveying over 400 students in April 2020, the SHC discovered that the number one chosen incentive to promote Influenza vaccination rates was to offer free Influenza vaccines.  As a result, in fall 2021 the SHC partnered with an outside entity to provide Influenza vaccines at no cost to students—by utilizing students’ health insurance coverage and allocating a portion of the SHC budget to cover students who are underinsured or not insured.

From November 2020 to May 2021 over 1,000 electronic Patient Satisfaction Surveys were sent.  Results showed 95.2% of those who responded to the survey “would recommend the UWO SHC to a friend or another student.”

SHC was the first to administer COVID-19 vaccines on campus.  This started in spring 2021 and over 1,000 vaccine doses were given to campus students and employees.  When surveying individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines from the SHC, 98.8% reported feeling satisfied or very satisfied when entering the clinic for vaccination as it “was easy and made me feel comfortable.”  100% reported feeling satisfied or very satisfied with being well informed about vaccine risks and benefits from the education provided at the SHC.

The SHC serves as a clinical site for graduate Nurse Practitioner students.  This typically totals 100 to 200 clinical hours each semester.

SHC had over 800 telephone Triage encounters throughout 2021.  This process has students talk to a Registered Nurse to aid in developing optimal care plans when evaluating and treating illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021 the SHC had over 1,400 encounters related to TB skin testing.  Providing this service helps students to fulfill academic program requirements.


Accomplishments (2020)

20% of encounters for fall 2020 were for Behavioral Health concerns (anxiety and depression most common).

41% of all campus referrals from SHC were made to the Counseling Center.  Other campus referrals included:  Academic Advising, Athletic Training, Career and Professional Development Services, Dean of Students, Health Advocates, Project Success, Reading and Study Skills Center, Safe Walk, Health Promotion, and Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator.

SHC promptly implemented telehealth after social distancing came into effect due to COVID-19.  Over 37% of encounters were via telehealth for fall 2020.  In person appointments were also still offered in fall 2020.

Over 150 telephone encounters were completed to contact students in isolation with COVID-19 for fall 2020.

Benchmarked the SHC staff to the American Nurses Association (ANA) survey on COVID-19 Vaccine Development—very similar results, except the SHC staff overall felt more confident with and knowledgeable on the COVID-19 vaccine development than those in the ANA survey.  As well as, the SHC used resources such as professional associations or professional peers versus the mainstream media (like reported in the ANA survey) for gathering information on COVID-19 vaccines.

SHC Patient Satisfaction Survey moved to 100% electronic utilizing campuslabs.

SHC started an Instagram account, as well as, enhanced the SHC Facebook page.

Student Outreach & Retention

New website for the Student Success Navigators:

Student Recreation and Wellness