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Withdrawal & Cancellation Process

Cancel enrollment for future term: Please complete the Withdrawal Form.

Withdraw from current term: See options below and select the correct form that fits your circumstances.

Non-medical withdrawal requests before the drop deadline or to cancel enrollment for a future term:

If the student is requesting a non-medical withdrawal before the drop deadline, the student should complete the online Withdrawal Form, which is processed by the Retention & Intervention Specialist in the Division of Student Affairs.

After submitting the online form, students will be emailed information about the next step in the process. Any questions about this process should be directed to the Retention Specialist at

Medical/emergency withdrawal requests and late withdrawal requests after the drop deadline:

Students should complete the Medical/Late Withdrawal form if the drop deadline has passed OR the reason for withdrawing related to…

  • A medical emergency
  • A family emergency
  • A mental health emergency resulting in counseling or other professional help before
    the appeal
  • A severe personal circumstance that impacted the student’s ability to be academically

All Late Withdrawal requests and withdrawal requests related to one of the reasons listed above are processed by the Dean of Students Office. Medical/Late Withdrawal applications must be accompanied by supporting documentation to substantiate the request. The full UWO Medical Withdrawal Policy, along with the tuition refund schedule, can be found here.

The deadline to request a Medical Late Withdrawal is one year after the last day of a semester. 

Refunds for Drops/Withdrawals

Drop and withdrawal deadlines are different than the refund schedule. Please consult the Student Financial Services website for specific refund deadlines. The medical withdrawal tuition refund schedule can be found here.


Withdrawal & Related Definitions

Withdrawal: occurs when a student decides to drop all courses in a term after the first day of that term.

Cancellation: occurs when a student decides to drop all courses in a term before the first day of the term.

Drop: occurs when a student removes themselves from one or more courses but remains enrolled in one or more courses. Students can drop courses themselves through TitanWeb before the session’s drop deadline. Learn how to drop a course here.