The Titan Advantage Program (TAP) is an intensive program designed to provide incoming first-year students with all the secrets to success to make their journey to college the experience of a lifetime. The program runs for six weeks during the summer on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus. Through individualized instruction and support, TAP provides students with a map of how to successfully transition from high school to college and achieve success. TAP students are learning from and engaging with dedicated faculty, staff and peer mentors committed to preparing students and creating an environment that supports their growth, development and academic success in college. TAP students live in a residence hall, attend classes (four to six credits) and actively engage in learning communities, events and activities.

Our Mission 

The Titan Advantage Program’s mission is to increase the academic success and the retention rate of underrepresented, underserved, low-income, first-generation, or structurally excluded students in their first academic year​.

TAP Students Benefit from: 

  • A Jump Start. Earn four to six college credits by taking courses that enhance your math, writing, critical thinking and academic skills.
  • Proven Secrets to Success. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed: skills in studying, time management, strategies for test taking, and goal setting.
  • Crucial Connections. Connect with instructors, advisers and peer mentors who will assist you in navigating college expectations.
  • Preparation for the Future. Explore majors, minors and career opportunities.
  • Understanding Financial Aid. Connect with financial aid staff who will help you understand the financial aid process.
  • Exciting Events. Take field trips to exciting places and attend a variety of cultural events.
  • Personal Boosts. Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • The Reward. Free tuition, room, and board.

TAP’s instructors and peer mentors invite you into a supportive community that will prepare you for a successful future.