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The Titan Advantage Program helps students get a jump start!

The Titan Advantage Program (TAP) in the Office of Academic Support for Inclusive Excellence is a six-week summer bridge program that provides students with an opportunity to get a jump start to their college career on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus. Students complete four to six credits of college coursework while making crucial connections with instructors, advisers and peer mentors. In addition, students attend peer instruction sessions, field experience trips and workshops, and participate in events and activities.

In the first year of TAP, the pilot of the program ran with 14 students in summer 2014. Overall, 14 students enrolled in the first year, 24 in the second, 23 in the third, 38 each in the fourth and fifth year, 47 in the sixth year, 59 in the seventh year, 50 in the eight year, and 56 in the ninth year. From 2014-2022, a total of 349 students completed the six-week program.

TAP student engagement does not end at the close of the six-week summer program. TAP continues to support students during their enrollment at UW Oshkosh. TAP provides one year of support services following their completion of the summer program and follow-up services year two and beyond. The goal of the Titan Advantage Program is to strengthen students’ connection to campus and each other, connect students to crucial academic services and resources, teach students the fundamental academic skills central to success, and promote active and collaborative learning in the classroom and beyond.


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Maria Fletcher

Director of Academic Programs

Titan Advantage Program

fletcherm@uwosh.edu | (920) 424-0302


Connor Klinzing

Student Processing Specialist
klinzingc@uwosh.edu | (920) 424-3084


Dulce Lopez

Data Reporting Specialist
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