Classroom Testing

How to Reserve a Space for Oshkosh Campus Students to Test

ACCOMMODATIONS: The Accommodate website can be accessed through the Project Success website here:

Instructors:  Accommodations must be listed on the cover sheet.

Please note:  Project Success and Accessibility Services are two different areas.  They are also different from Testing Services.  If your student has accommodations, make sure you are sending your exam to the correct location for the student to complete.

PROJECT SUCCESS: Students with accommodations through Project Success are responsible for submitting testing accommodation request 72 hours prior to the exam within the ACCOMMODATE STUDENT PORTAL.

ACCESSIBILITY CENTER: If classroom or alternate spaces are not feasible, students with accommodations through the Accessibility Center are to work with their instructors to schedule accommodations through Testing Services. Testing Services is able to provide distraction-reduced testing and extended time testing.  We also have two semi-private rooms available by appointment.  See instructions below on this page.


1. EVERY exam sent to Testing Services MUST have a Reservation (TRAC) Card (see below) filled out at the beginning of the semester to reserve a spot for all of your exams.  We are a small area and do not want students waiting in the hallway for a seat if we can help it. Failure to do this could result in denial of exam proctoring due to all seats being full.  Reservation (TRAC) cards CAN and SHOULD be submitted before exams — we accept them prior to the semester starting.  Exams cannot be submitted before a TRAC card is on file.

2.  Exams MUST be received by Testing Services at least 24 hours prior to reserved administration time for preparation and security purposes.  Failure to follow this policy will result in exams not being accepted and reservation cancelled.

3. The class instructor must fill out their own Reservation card and communicate all needs directly with the Classroom Testing Coordinator.

4. The person picking up the exams will be expected to sign for them for exam security purposes.

5.  Communicate with your students that we are an accredited Testing Center, and therefore nothing is allowed in the testing room (water, phones, watches, baseball caps, coats, etc.) to ensure there is no cheating.

6. A cover sheet is required for each exam. (Please list accomodations, if any.  See above.)

7. We strongly recommend you do not send exams through intercampus mail for security purposes.

8.  There is NO make up testing during finals week.

Email Ruth Picknell, call (920) 424-0073, or stop in at Polk Room 3 during hours of operation.

Reservation Card

  • Complete all fields of the Test Reservation and Administration Card. Forms may also be found at the drop box locations across campus or on the table in the hallway near Polk Room 4. Note: All exams must have an “estimated length of test” and “student time limit”.
  • During normal business hours, please drop card and exams off at Polk Room 3. After normal business hours, please drop into the drop box in the hallway near Polk 4.

How to Prepare a Test for Administration

  • A student cover sheet  giving each student your detailed testing instructions must be stapled to the top of each test. Student cover sheet forms are available from Testing Services at the self-service desk or by calling (920) 424-0073. They are also located at each drop box site on campus.
  • Scratch paper is provided by Testing Services.
  • Blue Books are provided by Testing Services.
  • Answer Sheets will not be provided by Testing Services. Please insert answer sheet in each exam before bring to Testing Services.
  • Tests must be received in Testing Services no later than noon the day preceding the first day of the test.
  • If you need supplemental information for your test please attach to the back of the test booklet.

During Test Administration

If you need to add or pick up a few tests, you are able to do that by going to Polk Room 3.


Following Test Administration

  • Tests are returned according to your instructions given on the Test Reservation and Administration Card. If you opted for “pick up,” your tests will be processed and ready at Polk Room 3 by noon on the day following the last day of the test.
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Testing Services

Polk Library, Lower Level - Room 4
801 Elmwood Avenue, Oshkosh, WI 54901

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