Course Delivery Methods

The Titans Return Implementation Team has identified a variety of course delivery methods to be used in the Fall 2020 semester. This page will help students understand the delivery methods assigned to each of their classes.

How can students learn how their classes will be offered?

In the TitanWeb Student Center, click on “My Class Schedule.”

If a class’s Room field shows “Online Synchr- see day/time,” the class is 100% online and will meet synchronously. In synchronous courses, students will participate at the scheduled class time and the course delivery will involve real-time interaction.

If a class’s Room field shows “100% Online-no sched mtg time,” the class is 100% online and will meet asynchronously, with no real-time class interaction.

If a class’s Room field shows information for a specific classroom, the class will be held with in-person interaction. Click the class listing’s hyperlinked section number in the Section field to see that class’s Notes, which will contain information about what in-person course modality will be used.

How can students change their schedule if they want to take more classes online or in person?

Students can use the instructions above to learn whether their courses will be taught 100% online or with an in-person component. If students would like to make changes to their schedule in order to take more classes that correspond with their preferred delivery method, they may do so through TitanWeb as they would in a usual semester. 

If students are unsure what they should do or if they have questions about how to make changes to their schedule, they should connect with their faculty or academic adviser. A student’s adviser name and email address is listed on the Student Center in TitanWeb.

Changing to a different course delivery method

Many courses with multiple class sections will have sections available through a variety of delivery methods. For example, if a class on a student’s schedule is offered as a Modified Tutorial and the student would like to take it 100% online, they should check TitanWeb to see if another section of that class (or another class that meets the same requirement) is offered online and use the “Swap” feature in TitanWeb to change their enrollment to the online class or class section.

Requesting online accommodations if changing delivery methods is not possible

If a student is unable to switch their class to a section taught through 100% Online or HyFlex delivery, they should let their instructor know that they would like to be accommodated online. Requests for online accommodations must be made before Sept. 4, 2020. Instructors will be prepared to accommodate students online to the fullest extent possible, given the nature of the course and the available technology. (Note: HyFlex courses may be taken entirely online without needing to request an accommodation.)

Note: Details may vary from class to class. Instructors will contact students before mid-August with any additional information about how classes will be run.

Standard In-Person

All class sessions will be held through face-to-face instruction.

Although the expectation is that students attend in person, they may request to be accommodated online.

Modified Tutorial

Some class meetings will be held entirely online, and some will be held through both face-to-face and alternative delivery methods.

Although the expectation is that students attend in person, they may request to be accommodated online.


All class sessions will be held through both face-to-face and alternative delivery.

Students may participate either online or in person and may transition between the two at their discretion.


All class sessions will be held through alternative delivery.


Instructors will determine whether class sessions will be held synchronously or asynchronously (with or without real-time class interaction).

Attendance Modulation
(can be applied to either Modified Tutorial or HyFlex)

To meet physical distancing requirements, instructors may adjust classroom attendance expectations to reduce the number of students attending each class. For example, students may be asked to alternate back and forth between attending online and in-person every other class session.

For information about how course delivery will work from an instructor’s point of view, visit the For Instructors page.