Supply and distribution of COVID-19 safety products

Dear University community,

Since late May, Facilities Management, Planning & Construction and Risk and Safety have been assessing, planning and implementing many of the changes required to create a safer campus environment in light of COVID-19.
You may recall the supply chain for toilet paper and hand sanitizer had seemingly dried up in March and April. While these items are now more available, some items are not. Here are some of the items we have ordered and will install/distribute when we receive them:

  • Automated paper towel dispensers in restrooms to supplement or replace air dryers
  • Water bottle fillers for drinking fountains that don’t have one
  • Door toe openers for restrooms
  • Single-use hand sanitizer wall dispensers
  • Door stops to hold doors open (to avoid touching door knob or handle)
  • Plexiglass or other barriers for customer service areas

More information on distribution and supplies follows:

  • Custodial Services will place buckets of EPA-approved disinfectant wipes in classrooms, labs and meeting/collaboration rooms.
    Spray bottles of EPA-approved disinfectant and reusable microfiber towels will be distributed to department and division center/main offices.
  • Hand sanitizer for department/division main offices should be ordered from Central Stores. Employees who would like their own sanitizer at their desks (in addition to the personal bottles provided in the Titans Return bags) should provide their own.
  • Use the hand sanitizer refill jugs to refill your personal 1.9 oz. UWO bottles, as well as the 12-20 oz. bottles that were provided to your department’s office. These gallon jugs can be found in break rooms, on walls in building hallways, and at the front reception desks of the residence halls. Custodial Services will check the gallon jugs on a daily basis.
  • Please refer to these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on the Titans Return website for more detailed information:
    • Disinfecting Practices (Non-Custodial)
    • Purchasing and Distribution of Pandemic Response Supplies
    • Hygiene Practices

If you have questions, please contact:

  • Dan Filiatraut, Central Stores, ext 3343
  • Frank Mazanka, Custodial Services, ext. 0488
  • JoAnn Rife, Dir. of Facilities Mgmt, ext. 2438
  • Lori Welch, EHS Coordinator, ext. 0985