Welcome back! Take the Titan Safety Training and Titan Safety Promise

Dear University community,

It’s hard to believe, but this is likely the last email I will send on our Titans Return plan before classes begin next week. 

We are working up to the last minute to prepare our three campuses for a safe and productive opening. 

Residence hall students: Before I address the important training we need you to take, I have special testing information for residence hall students on the Oshkosh campus: 

Our testing center opened yesterday and appointments have filled quickly. If you are trying to make an appointment for COVID testing and you are an Oshkosh campus residence hall student, please try later today or Friday through the Prevea App. We are opening up more slots very soon. Please be patient. We have a large number of students that are trying to set up testing appointments and this may take a few extra days. Please keep checking the Prevea app for open slots and schedule an appointment. You will find links on the UWO MOBILE app. 

Please be assured that the testing does not impact your student status. While we had hoped to get all residence hall students tested before classes begin, that may not happen. You should attend your classes as planned with or without a test – but please schedule your test as soon as you can. 

Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and require testing are not impacted by this and will be able to schedule an immediate test. 

All UWO students: One of the things we have been talking about for several weeks is now available: The Titan Safety Training and the Titan Safety Promise. We expect every faculty member, staff member and student to take this training. 

This email may seem a little compliance heavy, but we also need to emphasize that compliance is key to our success this semester. The training is easy. It will provide you with information on the safety protocols we expect everyone on our campuses to follow. Please go online today and complete the training and sign the promise. It doesn’t take long. If you lose this email, you will also find the link on the Titans Return website. Again, we expect every staff and faculty member and every student to take the training and sign the Promise. 

We are going to monitor how closely all of us are following safety protocols on all three campuses. Members of our COVID Compliance Team will be out and about in the coming weeks. So don’t be surprised if someone tells you they appreciate the mask you’re wearing or asks you to put on your mask before entering a building. Reports will be shared with department chairs or directors and with the Risk and Safety office. 

Let me be clear: our success is dependent on each one of us. It doesn’t matter if you are a staff member, faculty member, student or the chancellor. Wear a mask, practice physical distancing, wash your hands thoroughly and often. Set an example for others to follow. Together we will make this work. We know keeping our campuses open and protecting health and safety are important to you and we believe each of our Titans will rise to this challenge.   

See you soon. 

UWO Police Chief Kurt Leibold 

Implementation Team Chair