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What is “The Red Zone”?

The “red zone” is shorthand for the first six weeks at the beginning of the school year when a disproportionate number of campus sexual assaults take place. The Department of Justice has identified the period between students’ arrival on campus in late August and Thanksgiving break as the stretch of time when a student is more likely to be assaulted than at any other point in their college career.


Why is it called the Red Zone? 

Because it is believed that there are more sexual assaults on U.S. college campuses during this time than any other time during the school year.

*This does NOT mean that sexual assaults do not happen at other times of the year* 






During the “Red Zone” at UW Oshkosh a vision wall will be rotating in different locations throughout campus. When you find it help us build a collective response by contributing your thoughts. 

Vision Wall Movement: The goal of the National Vision Wall Movement is to shift public understanding of sexual violence as we empower a new vision. The National Vision Wall Movement brings together colleges and universities to collaboratively address sexual violence through intentionally creating more welcoming, communi-cative, and safe campuses. A Vision Wall is a public space in which to share private, anonymous insights. A Vision Wall is inclusive: male, female, trans, gender non-conforming: all perspectives are needed to shape our vision of a future without sexual violence. By connecting universities and students across all fifty states, we take a giant step toward making that vision a reality.


Evidence of a "Red Zone"

Sexual Violence May Occur at a Higher Rate at Certain Times of the Year

  • More than 50% of college sexual assaults occur in either August, September, October, or November.
  • Students are at an increased risk during the first few months of their first and second semesters in college.
Source: Campus Sexual Assault Study, 2007; Matthew Kimble, Andrada Neacsiu, et. Al, Risk of Unwanted Sex for College Women: Evidence for a Red Zone, Journal of American College Health (2008). 

*UW Oshkosh Red Zone programming is a collaboration between the Women’s Center, Equal Opportunity & Access, Counseling Center, Campus Victim Advocate, Residence Life, Dean of Students, Student Health Center, Reeve Union, LGBTQ Resource Center, Student Support Services, CARE, UMatter, CALM, and the Women’s Advocacy Council.