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Being a Titan is special. Even more so, if you are an alumni employee, also known as a Titan X 2.

At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s three campuses more than 500 alumni work as faculty or staff.

“It is quite special that our alumni employees make up such a large percentage of the UWO workforce representing our three campuses,” said Christine Gantner, alumni relations director. “Not only do our more than 500 Titans x 2 alumni provide exceptional service to our students and University community, but also many further invest in their alma mater by volunteering their time and providing financial support via scholarships. We are grateful for this amazing group of Titans.”

Last week, the UW Oshkosh Alumni Relations office held its annual Titans X 2 breakfast, a gathering that allows the campus to show gratitude to its UWO alumni-employees. Turns out that these double Titans are just as appreciative of UWO.

“I am most thankful to UW Oshkosh for providing me endless opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally,” said Angie Zemke, program adviser for fraternity and sorority life, who graduated in 2005. “I found a new career, met my lifelong friends, created a network of fellow alumni around the world, and have carried that Titan Pride with me ever since graduation. Being able to work for the institution that changed my life’s path is an honor and watching that institution continue to grow and thrive is so exciting. I know UW Oshkosh will continue to impact others the same way it did for me!”

Click through the photo slider below to learn what employees are most thankful for at UW Oshkosh.

What are you most thankful for at UW Oshkosh?

Sarah Anderson

Associate Budget Planner, Office of Finance and Administration (’03)

“I am a fifth generation Oshkosh resident. I love being part of this long standing community and am grateful for the friendships I’ve built with classmates and coworkers over the past twenty years.”

Brooke Berrens

Administrative Staff, Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations (’16, ’19 MS)

“Finding my people and the best support system imaginable.”

John Dobyns

Operational and Outreach Director, Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (’92)

“Its desire to serve all populations of students around the state and beyond!”

Tamara Gresser

Lab Manager/Medical Technologist, UWO Student Health Center (’13)

“UWO (and the medical technology department) assisted me in class choice and scheduling to get through the program in four years as a full-time mom. Also thankful for returning to upgrade my associate degree to a bachelor’s. It was nearly seamless.”

Brigitte Handevidt

Student Health Nurse, UWO Student Health Center (’02)

“I am thankful for an internship at Reeve Memorial Union as a graphic designer, and the recommendation given by my instructor. Additionally thankful for friends made at UW Oshkosh and the experiences we shared during my time as a student. As an employee of UW Oshkosh, I am thankful for the wonderful staff at the Student Health Center.”

Brian Langolf

Director of Biogas Systems and Research Development, Biogas Systems (’01, ’05 MS)

“Great affordable education close to home and the opportunity for undergraduate research.”

Nicholas Metoxen

Coordinator of Indigenous Student Support and Wellness, Academic Support and Inclusive Excellence (’20)

“Indigenous staff to support our students.”

Michelle Munns

Veterans Benefits, Registrar’s Office (’11, ’21)

“The supportive community who has your back when times get hard.”

Chris Tarmann

Captain of Police, Police Department (’14)

“The ability to give back to a community that gave me some great experiences, education and relationships.”