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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is celebrating another love story―this time a passion for music helped a pair of Titans find their soulmates.

Josh Roberts, a senior saxophone performance major, and Megan Blissitt, a fifth-year instrumental and general music education major, met over music four years ago at UW Oshkosh. Now, as they start their final semester on campus, the couple is planning a future that includes marriage.

“Josh and I met through the saxophone studio and we instantly became friends through sharing many classes and ensembles,” Blissitt said. “We became very close and started dating in spring 2019. It’s weird we never crossed paths in high school because we lived pretty close to each other and my school band always crossed paths with his school band. I went to Wauwatosa West High School and Josh went to Waukesha North High School.”

Roberts said the two grew close during their time as members of the Au Saxophone quartet―they were founding members of the student-led group. Au Saxophone performed at UWO, toured high schools in Wisconsin and even performed at the Navy Band Saxophone Symposium in Fairfax, Virginia.

Blissett said she was attracted to Roberts because he can make anyone laugh (especially her) and always looks on the bright side of things.

“His passion for music and the saxophone are very similar to mine and we both enjoy learning new instruments,” she said. “He’s extremely supportive of everything I do and I couldn’t be happier.”

The UWO Bolt Band performs at a home basketball game in early February.

Roberts said one of the things he loves and truly admires about his fiancée is her passion for teaching and helping students. He said as she starts her time in the classroom with clinical instruction, he sees this passion bringing more happiness to her each day.

The two were excited to join the newly formed Bolt Band pep band this winter. Each is skilled playing a number of instruments and they stepped up to help in sections needing more personnel. Blissett decided to forego her usual saxophone and help in the piccolo section; Roberts assisted with the sousaphone.

Together, forever

Josh Roberts and Megan Blissitt

The couple was engaged Dec. 4, after Blissett’s senior saxophone recital. It was the day before the first rehearsal for the Bolt Band and a big performance with the UWO Jazz Ensemble at The Grand Oshkosh.

Roberts was ready and hoping to propose marriage for more than two months. Plans were unknowingly disrupted two times, due to illness and then a last-minute event that came up, but Roberts finally got his chance to ask Blissett to marry him.

“He told me how he had a ring since October and he had been hiding it from me,” she said about the surprise after her recital. “I was so excited to say yes.”

Careers in music

Roberts said he is planning on pursuing a master’s program in multiple woodwind performance to supplement his career goals of performing and teaching all woodwind instruments. His career goals are performing and teaching within higher education and academia.

Blissett will be in Oshkosh for the fall semester as she finishes student teaching. She intends to help athletic bands director Joe Scheivert with the Titan Thunder Marching Band debut in fall in any way she can.

After graduating, her plan is to get a job teaching band at a middle or high school.

The couple is planning a wedding in summer 2024.

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