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Long before they ever set foot on campus, prospective students can now picture what college life at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh looks like through a virtual tour.

“We are proud of our facilities, grounds and classrooms,” said Jenni Monroe, marketing director for UW Oshkosh University Marketing and Communications (UMC). “Through our new professionally produced virtual tour, students can get an idea of what their future home will look like.”

The virtual tour includes an introductory video and an interactive online introduction of UWO’s administrative, classroom, recreational and support facilities as well as the residence halls.

“Some students prefer to do their research before connecting with our admissions team, while others may have barriers to traveling to campus. This tour aims to address both those needs, and it’s a tool that we plan to expand and evolve each year,” Monroe said.

Prospective students can now explore the Oshkosh campus of UWO through an interactive virtual tour.

The tour, produced by MassInteract, is the newest component of UWO’s undergraduate admissions campaign. It published in March for testing and officially launches this week.

“We constantly evolve our marketing in order to meet students and their families where they want to find us,” Monroe said. “Offering a beautifully designed virtual tour reduces barriers for those who want to learn about campus and helps people experience what life can be like as a UWO Titan.”

Prior to MassInteract filming and photographing campus for the project in May 2021, UMC marketing staff spent some time removing old signs and barriers and even pulling a weed or two.

Funding for the virtual tour was generously provided by the Pagelow family.

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