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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Nursing (CON) has once again been named among the nation’s best schools for men in nursing by the American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN).

The award, which UW Oshkosh has now earned five years in a row, is designed to recognize a nursing school or college that has provided significant efforts in recruiting and retaining men in nursing, in providing men a supportive educational environment and in educating faculty, students and the community about the contributions men have and do make to the nursing profession.

“This award recognizes the College of Nursing’s dedication to promoting an inclusive and supportive academic environment,” said CON Dean Seon Yoon Chung. “I am grateful to work alongside faculty and staff who share core values, including diversity, collaboration and excellence. I appreciate our students’ leadership and contribution through the UWO Great Lakes AAMN Chapter.”

Jason Mott, an associate nursing professor and director of the pre-licensure program, said for a school the size of UWO to earn such a honor year after year shows the commitment to excellence from everyone involved.

Jason Mott

“Other schools that have won the award numerous times are the big name schools that you hear of all the time, like Duke and John’s Hopkins,” Mott said. “All of these schools have tremendous amounts of resources. To be able to do that at a school the size of UWO speaks volumes about the individuals within the CON and University.”

Four CON faculty members and four nursing students were at the 47th annual AAMN conference Oct. 20-22 in Orlando, where the University was recognized with the award.

AAMN finds a leader at UWO

Mott, who has been involved with the AAMN since 2012, became the organization’s president this week. He is now the face of the AAMN to others in the nursing profession and a voice at the table when it comes to matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The organization has strong partnerships with the National Black Nurses Association, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and the Philippine Nurses Association of America. It’s also a supportive member of the national Coalition of ethnic Minority Nurses Associations.

“I am also responsible for the vision and work of the organization,” Mott said. “This includes working with the board of directors to develop and implement strategic initiatives that will help reach the goals of the organization. Some of these goals include developing research related to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and men in nursing, men’s health research and education, and organizational visibility.”

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