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A new and expanded range of student-faculty collaborative research grants will be available to students this upcoming summer semester and 2023-24 academic year through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Office of Student Research and Creative Activity (OSRCA). Students from all majors and disciplines are eligible for these opportunities and are highly encouraged to apply.

Stephen Kercher

Stephen Kercher, director of University Research and Creative Activity, said these grants encourage students and their academic mentors to engage in activities that constitute the lifeblood of a university like UW Oshkosh: the pursuit of original knowledge, the opportunity to address pressing social and scientific challenges and the creation of new artistic expression.

“Those who engage in collaborative research unlock their potential for new learning and find unique avenues for presenting their work to public audiences. Many tell us that they are some of the most challenging and meaningful experiences they enjoy while on our three campuses,” he said.

Kercher also said that participating in these research opportunities can help students stand out to a future employer or graduate school admissions officer after graduation.

Along with these new grant opportunities, OSRCA will be increasing the student stipend for recipients from $3,000 to $3,500. An additional $600 is provided for supplies and travel.

“Participating in research and creative work outside of the classroom requires generous stipend support to ensure they have adequate time to invest in their work,” Kercher said. “The $600 budget for supplies, expenses and travel also proves very beneficial.”

Those who are interested in being considered for the grants can visit the OSRA collaborative grant proposals website to learn more and apply.

Online open house

Kercher will be hosting an online open house at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 7 that will provide in-depth information and advice on completing grant applications.

The open house is intended for any student who has an interest in pursuing research and creative work here at UWO: from the student who is looking for basic information about the process of identifying a faculty mentor or might not yet understand what “research” means to the advanced student interested in applying for a grant but needs a little advice on best practices for completing an application.

Join the conversation and learn more about the process here.

Students who are unable to attend the open house or have further questions, can contact Kercher at or at any time throughout the year.

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