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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation will host Nov. 30 the first lecture in a new Research to Reception Speaker Series designed to highlight scientific research as well as the artistic and creative endeavors of UW Oshkosh faculty.

“Many people associate UW Oshkosh and our faculty solely with lectures, tests and papers,” Foundation President Arthur Rathjen said. “However, our faculty and students are engaged and immersed in high-level activities that highlight, excite, innovate and create outstanding opportunities in all disciplines.”

At the first by-invitation-only event, UW Oshkosh researchers Greg Kleinheinz and Colleen McDermott will present “From Tabletops to Beaches: UW Oshkosh research is helping to clean up the community.”

They will discuss how collaborating with communities and local corporations on research projects benefits Wisconsin communities. They will offer specific examples from their research testing the surface water quality of more than 110 Wisconsin beaches and their investigation into the impact of using placemats to control infection at restaurants, hotels and other public places.

“As these two examples show, UW Oshkosh faculty research touches lives far beyond the campus borders,” Rathjen said. “The efforts of our faculty and staff and their research endeavors provide remarkable returns on investment, helping to advance the quality of human life and human understanding worldwide.”