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As spring and summer arrive in Wisconsin, so does road construction.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus is already experiencing construction on Osceola Street, despite the late-April snowstorm. The construction is working to upgrade utilities under the street and then repave. Osceola construction is expected to be complete by the second week of June.

While construction of Osceola is underway:

  • Access to parking lot six will be open but only have one entrance.
  • Access to the South Campus Parking Ramp will be from High Avenue only.
  • Parking lot #10 access will only be from parking lot #30, south of Gruenhagen.
  • Anyone having to cross Osceola Street is to use only the intersections of Pearl Avenue. High Avenue and Algoma Boulevard.

Construction crews will then be replacing utilities and repaving on the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Algoma Boulevard moving towards Vine Avenue. According to Steve Gohde of the Oshkosh Public Works Department, this project is expected to begin early May, lasting about six to eight weeks. During construction traffic on Algoma will be down to one lane.

Once most UW Oshkosh students head home for the summer, the Public Works Department also is planning work for High Avenue. Gohde said there will be curb and gutter repair along with asphalt overlay. The construction will take place along High Avenue, between the intersections of Congress and Wisconsin Avenues. Traffic during this project also will be kept to one lane.

For more information about upcoming road construction, visit or call (920) 236-5065.