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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh faculty and staff were recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to moving the institution’s mission forward at the annual Opening Day assembly Sept. 6 at Reeve Memorial Union.

Honors conferred for the 2011-2012 academic year included Endowed Professorships, Rosebush Professorships, Distinguished Teaching Awards, Sniffen Faculty Governance Service Award, Outstanding Service Awards, Outstanding Performance Awards and two UW System Regents awards.

The recipients are as follows:

Endowed Professorships
Endowed professorships are awarded to faculty members who demonstrate outstanding research and engagement in community service. Funded by local sponsors, the awards support research projects and professional development for a four-year term.

  • M. Ryan Haley, Associate Professor, Economics

A rigorous and mathematically demanding professor, M. Ryan Haley, who has been at UW Oshkosh since 2003, has been a significant mentor to students’ research efforts while teaching a diverse course load. Among his most notable achievements is a grant he was awarded from the U.S. Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education for envisioning an e-textbook program to enhance the quality and affordability of higher education. The program has garnered the attention of national media and the UW System Board of Regents. During the last eight years, Haley has published nearly 20 articles on topics ranging from financial portfolio theory to natural resource markets, economic education and labor markets. Six of his works were published in elite journals, including the Journal of Futures Markets, the Journal of Human Resources, the Journal of Empirical Finance, Econometric Reviews and the Journal of Applied Econometrics. He is also a contributing author to a doctoral-level textbook on auction theory.

Haley earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics and applied statistics from the University of St. Thomas, a master’s degree in economics and mathematics from the University of Iowa and a doctorate in economics from the University of Iowa.

  • Richard Kalinoski, Professor, Theatre

Richard Kalinoski is a distinguished and award-winning playwright whose works have been performed both nationally and internationally. An inspirational and versatile teacher, Kalinoski, who has been at UW Oshkosh since 1998, brings creativity and high artistic standards to his classroom. Kalinoski was the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2005 and the John McNaughton Rosebush Professorship in 2007. His far-reaching success has won him numerous awards including the Osborn for the best play in America by an emerging playwright in 1996 and the prestigious Molière award in France for Beast on the Moon. He also recently won the jury prize at the Fusion Theatre for Formaldehyde. His works have been translated into 17 languages and have been produced in venues all over the world, such as Athens, Beirut, Brussels, Buenos Aires, London, Moscow, New York (off-Broadway), Paris, Prague, Sao Paolo, Toronto and Yerevan.

Kalinoski earned a bachelor’s degree in English from UW–Whitewater and a master of fine arts in drama from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Paul Klemp, Professor, English

An exceptional scholar, teacher and fine ambassador for UW Oshkosh, Paul Klemp has been teaching at the University since 1988. His interest in John Milton’s writing led him to publish four books and various articles and to serve as the senior editor of Milton Quarterly since 1987 and as a member of the editorial board of Milton Studies since 1999. As the instructor for one of the English department’s most important courses — Introduction to English Studies — Klemp aims to motivate students to become critical thinkers and self-learners. He also regularly teaches honors courses. Klemp won the National Society of Leadership and Success Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010 and the UW Oshkosh Distinguished Teaching Award in 1996. In addition to serving on the University Retention Committee, Klemp also has been a reader for the Faculty Development Board and served on the University’s Gender Equity Council, Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory board, the College of Letters and Science Tenure and Renewal committee, as well as almost all of the English department’s committees. Klemp also served as the acting chair of the English department from February until June 2010.

Klemp earned a bachelor’s degree in English from State University of New York at Brockport and University of Nottingham and a master’s degree and doctorate in English from the University of Toronto.

  • Craig Maher, Associate Professor, Public Administration

Craig Maher’s teaching excellence is marked by his pioneering efforts in online course delivery. As department chair and program coordinator, Maher has steered the Masters of Public Administrationprogram at UW Oshkosh. His research on the fiscal condition of local governments has resulted in many published articles and presentations at professional conferences. Maher has also served as a consultant for local government entities and school districts. He serves on the National League of Cities and Urban Institute’s Advisory Committee and a Government Accounting Standards Board Service and Accomplishments Task Force. He was also appointed to the Governor’s Task Force on Milwaukee County Finances and elected to the Wauwatosa Common Council in 2004. Maher recently signed a book contract that will be part of the American Society of Public Administration Series in Public Administration and Public Policy, which is geared toward those interested in the public administration field.

Maher earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in political science from UW–Milwaukee.

  • James Paulson, Professor, Chemistry

With funding from the National Institutes of Health, James Paulson began research on chromosomes and mitosis in the late 1980s at UW Oshkosh. Since, more than 50 students have spent time doing research in his laboratory. A challenging and dedicated teacher and scholar, Paulson is successful in engaging both chemistry and non-chemistry majors by providing opportunities for students to apply knowledge. Paulson has worked with people all over the world consulting, reviewing manuscripts and journals and writing articles his field. He has also developed new courses and course materials at UW Oshkosh to best serve his students. Two separate sabbaticals led Paulson to the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research in Switzerland and to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, which he credits with accelerating his research due to the collaborations that have developed. Paulson was awarded the John McNaughton Rosebush University Scholarship in 1995 and served as a member of his department’s public relations committee, which involved participation in preview days on campus. He has also served as a public voice in Oshkosh on the controversy over the theory of evolution.

Paulson earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a doctorate in biochemical sciences from Princeton University.

Rosebush Professorship
The John McNaughton Rosebush Professorship recognizes UW Oshkosh faculty members for teaching, professional achievement and public service. Nominees are considered in a selection process by a panel representing all University governance groups.

  • J. Ben Arbaugh, Professor, Management

The first faculty member to offer an online course in the College of Business, J. Ben Arbaugh is truly a pioneer in business education. Not only has he written more than 40 articles on online education, but he also has published multiple articles in the prestigious management education journal, Academy of Management Learning & Education. He also has won numerous “best paper” awards. Arbaugh’s writings were so impressive that he was selected as the first scholar from a master’s level university to be the editor of an Academy of Management journal, which has significantly increased visibility and prestige nationally and internationally for the College of Business. Arbaugh, who has been a faculty member at UW Oshkosh since 1994, is also a leader and mentor in the UW System MBA Consortium, a program that serves more than 400 students per year throughout the United States and foreign countries. He is also known for speaking nationally to groups about  improving online education. Arbaugh’s many University service activities include service on the Graduate Council, Online Course Policy group, board of directors of the UW Oshkosh Alumni Association and Institutional Research.

Arbaugh earned his bachelor’s degree in management at Marshall University, an MBA from Wright State University and a doctorate in business strategy from Ohio State University.

  • Michael Ford, Professor, Reading Education

Michael Ford has been a teacher for 32 years. As a teacher of teachers, he constantly updates his content and methodology to model practices in his classes he’d like his students to use in their classrooms. Ford has co-authored five nationally published books as well as made contributions to many others. He has published 35 refereed journal articles and is senior author of a core reading program for elementary classrooms. He is well-known among his peers throughout the educational community. Ford’s service
is reflected in his professional involvement with local districts, schools, organizations and educators and the more than 400 professional development presentations he’s given throughout the country and on international campuses including schools in Beirut and Dubai. Throughout the UW System, Ford has also provided extensive service to the annual UW System Reading Research Symposium and serves as president of the Wisconsin Professors of Reading.

Ford earned his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Augustana College, a master’s degree in reading education from UW Oshkosh and a doctorate in elementary education from the University of Iowa.

Edward M. Penson Distinguished Teaching Award
Edward M. Penson Distinguished Teaching Award recipients are selected based on their teaching excellence, service, professional commitment and scholarly growth. A committee of faculty, students and staff determines who will receive the honor.

  • Laurence Carlin, Professor, Philosophy

A passionate and engaging professor, Laurence Carlin inspires students to think critically and engage in difficult course material with enthusiasm. A faculty member at UW Oshkosh since 2000, Carlin teaches his students to consider all sides of an argument and show interest in their studies while making it relevant. In 2003, Carlin initiated a faculty-led study abroad program, which has since sent 131 students to Cambridge, England and Edinburgh, Scotland and directly led him to write “The Empiricists,” a book about philosophical development in the 17th century. He serves on the University Honors Council and as president and webmaster of the Wisconsin Philosophical Association. On campus, Carlin participates annually in College Day for Kids to extend his teachings beyond the UW Oshkosh student population.

Carlin earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Franklin and Marshall College, a master’s degree in philosophy from University of Houston, as well as a master’s and a doctorate in philosophy from Rice University.

  • Kathryn Henn-Reinke, Professor, Education

Kathryn Henn-Reinke has been a strong force in developing and refining the ESL/bilingual program and co-directing the ADELANTE and ESTRELLA Title III grants at UW Oshkosh. As Graduate Program Coordinator, she led the effort to significantly revise the master’s program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Henn-Reinke, who came to UW Oshkosh in 2000, has been the leading force for taking ESL and bilingual students to study in Mexico and Costa Rica. Henn-Reinke continuously refines her teaching to include field experiences that prepare pre-service teachers for the realities of the classroom and ensures bilingual education students develop fluency in two languages by teaching some courses in Spanish. She is the co-author of two books and the sole author of another and frequently presents at the annual American Educational Research Association and National Association for Bilingual Education conferences, where in 2010 she presented her findings as they related to studying trilingual education in Spain, Argentina and California. Henn-Reinke also contributes her time to many service activities with area districts related to the development of literacy with English learners. Futhermore, she has served on the College of Education and Human Services Curriculum Committee, the Committee on Graduate Studies, NCATE  Committee, the University Equity and Affirmative Action Council and the Graduate Council.

Henn-Reinke earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Dominican College, a master’s degree in reading from Cardinal Stritch University and a doctorate in urban education with an emphasis in curriculum and instruction from UW–Milwaukee.

  • Douglas Roubidoux, Senior Lecturer, Communication

Douglas Roubidoux is committed to developing the reasoning and argument skills of all of his students. For the past 11 years, Roubidoux has served as the director of debate for the only debate program in the UW System. His success leading the team is apparent through the more than 500 percent increase in budget for the program and the awards and trophies the team consistently earns. As the program coordinator for the basic public speaking course, which he was selected specifically to oversee and is a requirement for students within the program, Roubidoux is responsible for the administrative aspects of the course. Roubidoux is the first instructional academic staff member to be awarded this critical administrative responsibility. His work conceptualizing UW Oshkosh’s annual Speech Festival cannot be overlooked. With more than 70 sections of the public speaking course offered, Roubidoux developed the idea for a speech tournament, which garnered interest from all parts of the University, as a way for students to meet their public speech requirements.

Roubidoux earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Texas San Antonio and a master’s degree in communication from Wichita State University.

  • Stephen Szydlik, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Conveying mathematics as an art is the passion of Stephen Szydlik, who has been teaching math at UW Oshkosh since 2002. Szydlik is a student-centered teacher who dedicates his time to teaching and learning outcomes. He encourages active participation in the learning process and is vigilant in looking for ways to improve himself as an educator. On campus, Szydlik has worked extensively to help develop the general education Problem-Based Inquiry Seminars, which focus on critical thinking in mathematics. He also works with the Scholarly Teaching Excellence Through Peer Support program through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at UW Oshkosh and on the first-year seminar for the University Honors Program. He is also the student activities coordinator for the Wisconsin section of the Mathematical Association of America.

Szydlik earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer sciences from Union College and a master’s degree and doctorate in mathematics from UW–Madison.

Sniffen Faculty Governance Service Award
The Barbara G. Sniffen Faculty Governance Service Award recognizes faculty members who have exceptional University
service records.

  • Kay Neal, Professor, Communication

In her 32 years at UW Oshkosh, Kay Neal has given unselfishly of her time in both the College of Letters and Science and to the University as a whole. Dedicated to the restructuring of the department, Neal has been the chair of the communication department since 2003, on the department executive committee for more than 15 years and a member of the curriculum revision committee since 2008. She began her career at UW Oshkosh as the director of the University’s debate program for more than a decade. She also as served on numerous campus committees, including the promotion committee, tenure and renewal committee, several search and screen committees and grievance hearings, the faculty senate, the Distinguished Teaching Award committee, the Rosebush Award Selection Committee, the COLS Faculty Committee and the Academic Policies Committee. Neal serves as the faculty liaison for the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program courses taught in area high schools. She also provides service as a mentor for new tenure-track faculty and instructional academic staff members and is the departmental advisor for more than 50 assigned majors annually.

Neal earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and English education from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in interpersonal communication and doctorate in organizational communication from Ohio University.

Outstanding Service Awards
UW Oshkosh has many nonteaching faculty and academic staff whose contributions enhance the University’s overall academic environment and support our educational goals. The Outstanding Service Award recognizes excellence of service that touches each member of the University community.

  • Lisa Danielson, Registrar

Lisa Danielson is the ultimate advocate for students. Her 25 years in higher education, with 19 years spent at UW Oshkosh, have involved service in the Admissions, Academic Advising and, currently, Registrar’s offices. She has never lost her passion for providing stellar service and original solutions tailored to each student’s needs. She is an active member of the Wisconsin Association of Academic Registrars and Admissions Counselors and has been spotlighted in the national publication Successful Registrar Magazine for her work on the Graduation Project at UW Oshkosh. Danielson has played a key role in UW Oshkosh’s early alert process, helping identify students in jeopardy of failing academic performance or at risk of dropping out. Suspensions and drop rates for students have subsequently decreased. Meanwhile, her work toward the development of a Student Resource Center for student military veterans and service as chair of the Veterans Support Group helped UW Oshkosh earn recognition as “Best for Vets” in Military Times EDGE magazine. The University ranks first in the state and 36th in the nation for veterans programs. Danielson’s commitment to serving students on an individual basis was no more poignantly demonstrated than when, in fall 2010, she honored a dying father’s wish by developing an in-home, unofficial graduation ceremony for his son, a first-generation college graduate.

Danielson earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from St. Norbert College and an MBA from St. Ambrose University.

  • Lori Develice Collins, Assistant Director, Leadership and Community Development, Department of Residence Life

From promotion of diversity and inclusive excellence to creation of residence hall sustainability and off-campus volunteerism, Lori Develice Collins has enhanced the experience of UW Oshkosh students in a multitude of ways. Since joining the Department of Residence Life in 2002, Develice Collins has helped lead a number of diversity and inclusion initiatives, including service with the Student Affairs Inclusive Excellence (IE) Committee, the LGBTQ Council and the group tasked with examining the LGBTQ Campus Climate Index. She has also worked with the University’s director of sustainability to pioneer the “Eco-Representative” pilot program. This initiative involved training of and outreach with residence hall envoys able to help establish a culture of conversation in each building’s community. Water and energy conservation, waste reduction and reliance on environmentally-friendly transportation were just a few of the topics the initiative promoted. All this is in addition to Develice Collins’ fundamental work advising students and building a strong set of community learning outcomes, committing the University to advancing students’ study and time management skills, civic engagement opportunities, personal health and well-being and multicultural awareness.

Develice Collins earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from UW Oshkosh and a master’s degree in administration in higher education from Ball State University.

  • Shelly Rutz, Outreach Coordinator, Clinical Social Worker, Counseling Center

Since her start at UW Oshkosh, Shelly Rutz’s compassion for students’ well-being has been as evident in individual counseling sessions as it has been in the broader campus community. Rutz’s colleagues describe her as a “sophisticated psychotherapist” who has used her empathy and understanding of what is necessary to help students become better adjusted human beings and to also further her department. She has written two successful Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) grants infusing a public health approach with hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention efforts at UW Oshkosh. Additionally, Rutz, who has been with the University Counseling Center since 2002, has been a leader in campus diversity and gender equity initiatives as well as in training students and faculty and staff on identifying and responding to students in distress or dealing with abuse. As the advisor of Campus Awareness for Relationship Education (CARE) internship, Rutz has graduated more than 30 students who have helped spread campus awareness of interpersonal violence to decrease sexual assault and dating violence. Rutz’s campus-community connections have also been invaluable to UW Oshkosh, helping to strengthen service collaborations with local support agencies and establishing the Fox Valley Take Back The Night rally and march in support of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Rutz earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Gordon College and a master’s of social work from George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. She became a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Wisconsin in 2002.

Outstanding Performance Award
The University’s Outstanding Performance Award recognizes exemplary members of the classified staff whose activities, accomplishments and service are most deserving of acknowledgement.

  • Amanda Bain, University Services Program Associate, Center for New Learning

Amanda Bain has been a positive force not only in her day-to-day University work in the Center for New Learning but also in her efforts to rally colleagues around the institution’s vision and mission. Bain has been a strong representative on many campus councils and committees, including the Classified Staff Advisory Council, on which she served as vice chair in 2009 and chair in 2010. Her leadership and guidance have given staff a strong voice and representation in the University’s shared governance structure and biennial budgeting process. She has played a key role in the planning and execution of Classified Staff Development and Appreciation Day programs, a day dedicated to the professional and personal nurturing of hundreds of valued UW Oshkosh employees. Bain has also been involved in a number of campus initiatives, many of which build on the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and leadership and some of which have bridged into the community. She is the classified staff representative on the Advisory Council for Comprehensive Academic Advising, she served on the LBGTQ Council from 2008 to 2010 and she has been involved in the ongoing Oshkosh Civility Project.

Bain earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from UW Oshkosh.

  • Mary Hale, Administrative Telecommunications Specialist, University Telecommunications

Mary Hale is the reliable “go-to” person at UW Oshkosh when departments establish, move or troubleshoot telephones and other telecommunications technology. That puts her in charge of the billing, voice mail and daily, quality upkeep of more than 2,500 phones and the technology that enables them across the more-than 170-acre UW Oshkosh campus. During her nearly 23 years at UW Oshkosh, Hale has been just as dedicated to her fellow classified staff colleagues. She has co-chaired the Classified Staff Development and Appreciation Day’s registration committee for a decade. She was a member of the Classified Staff Advisory Council from 2003 to 2008 and has served on the University’s parking committee since 2002. In the community, Hale was involved with the popular Oshkosh Celebration of Lights from 2009 to 2010, another event that has benefitted from what colleagues describe as her enthusiastic, accommodating and willing attitude.

  • Debra Talkington, University Services Program Associate, Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP)

Her willingness to go the extra mile and her can-do attitude have made Debra Talkington a valued UW Oshkosh colleague to
multiple departments within the institution. While performing her duties with the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP), Talkington has been integral in the monthly coordination and delivery of the STAR Award presentations, which recognize exceptional performance by a member of the classified staff who has worked at least six months at UW Oshkosh. During the last several years, she has also been a member of the Classified Staff Advisory Council marketing and finance committees. Talkington has also been involved with the management of multiple initiatives’ websites within the College of Education and Human Services and the College of Letters and Science, while simultaneously helping to manage the production of college strategic planning documents and marketing materials. In the Oshkosh community, she has served as a volunteer with Father Carr’s Place 2B.

Regents Academic Staff Award for Excellence
Each year, the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents honors two non-instructional academic staff members from the UW System for exceptional service to their universities with this $5,000 award.

  • Joseph Abhold, Director, Counseling Center

Since joining UW Oshkosh in 1999, Abhold has played a significant role in student success and retention activities, including the use of assessments to help identify high-risk students. Abhold is a licensed clinical psychologist who brings a student-centered attitude to his areas of expertise, which include substance abuse, crisis and trauma, sexual assault, suicide prevention, depression and anxiety. He is committed to understanding the developmental issues faced by college students, enhancing campus culture and student success and retention. In addition to the Counseling Center, Abhold oversees the University Employee Assistance Program, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse program, Campus Violence Prevention and Advocacy Program and is the co-chair of the Student at Risk Response Team. Abhold also chaired the UW System-wide Mental Health Task force, which was responsible for modifying Regents’ mental health policies to better meet the needs of students. Abhold also served as the interim Dean of Students from August 2010 until March 2011.

Abhold earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UW Oshkosh and a master’s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Arkansas.

Regents Diversity Team Award
Each year, the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents honors individuals and programs from the UW System that foster access and success in university life for historically underrepresented populations.

  • Community Liaison Counselors, Admissions

This team of four full-time and one part-time staff members specifically targets the recruitment
and enrollment of students from the African-American, Hispanic and Latino, Hmong/Asian and Native American populations. The role of the community liaison officers is to not only serve as the initial contact on campus, but to also bridge the transition of the student to other support services and activities while partnering with government agencies, other colleges and student organizations. Since the team’s founding 10 years ago, the number of applications received from students of color at UW Oshkosh has tripled and the number of students of color enrolled at the University has doubled. In 2010, more than 11 percent of first-year students at UW Oshkosh identified themselves as students of color.

The team members include: Beverly Benston, admissions counselor/Milwaukee outreach; Brian Jackson, admissions counselor/student recruitment specialist; Quincy La Grant, admissions counselor; Marie Flora Valtierra-Stapel, admissions counselor/Hispanic community liaison; and Thomas Xiong, admissions counselor. Jill Endries, director of admissions, oversees this dedicated team.

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