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The Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) Awards & Recognition Committee has presented the second-ever CSAC Richard H. Wells STAR Award to Lori Worm, associate vice chancellor in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Division of Finance and Administration.

In awarding Worm with the honor, the CSAC Awards & Recognition Committee submitted the following recognition:

“Supportive, approachable, and professional describe Lori.

Lori Worm began her career with UW Oshkosh as a student employee in 1980 working in the Parking & Student Loan offices.  In 1984, she became an LTE in the Student Loan Office and then a permanent employee in 1985 as a loan collector.  She worked her way up, mentored by such University alumni as Joel Edson and Gary Moeller, and is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor – Division of Finance and Administration.

Over the years, Lori continues to demonstrate an exemplary and laudable commitment to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh classified staff.  Her personality is infectious and demeanor confident, poised, and pragmatic.  She is pleasant and kind, with a sense of humor that makes her unpretentious and approachable.  Even with her hectic and demanding schedule, she is always willing to come to your work area to make a more comfortable place for open discussion.

Lori is popular with staff and dedicates herself to finding resources to meet their needs.  When Lori speaks to you, you never leave wondering “what did she just say?”  She makes it clear what needs to be done and how to go about it.  You also know that if you need further assistance, she is always there to help.  At times, Lori will even assist in explaining what someone else has said, or give the correct channels that need to be followed to reach a desired outcome.  She talks to you, not at you or down to you. She is proactive in resolving issues before they escalate into larger problems.

During her tenure at UW Oshkosh, Lori develops and nurtures many strong relationships throughout the campus while working on projects with classified staff.  Her commitment to the growth and advancement of the classified staff not only contributes to the overall mission of CSAC to promote a positive professional environment for all classified employees, but also to the University as a whole – all done with a commitment to excellence that shows University pride.

Lori works closely with CSAC and has been very helpful throughout the years regarding the CSAC and CSDAD accounts.  She assists with finding and transferring funds, as well as volunteering to participate in CSAC activities.

Lori is supportive and encouraging to classified staff, whether in times of stressful situations or positive ones, such as promoting or moving to a new position.  She advocates for classified staff advancement and champions them to accept new challenges at the University and within the community.

Lori, in addition to leaping tall buildings in a single bound, has out-of-the-box thinking that has allowed accomplishments beyond the norm.

Lori continually goes above and beyond her basic responsibilities and always does it with a smile.  Her no-nonsense approach to problems and her honesty have led her to be a recognized leader.

The Classified Staff Advisory Council Awards & Recognition Committee admire and wholeheartedly appreciate Lori’s extensive knowledge and vast experience and her willingness to routinely offer assistance to colleagues in a proactive manner.”

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