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Seven University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students will showcase their undergraduate research for the ninth annual “Posters in the Rotunda” at the state capitol on March 7.

The celebration of undergraduate research gives students and faculty advisors from various UW system campuses a chance to present their undergraduate research to students, state legislators and University of Wisconsin alumni.

This year, making #UWposters a trending topic on Twitter is also a goal; those attending are encouraged to tweet reactions and photos and tag legislators throughout the day-long event.

Tom Grogan, the senior special assistant for the UW Oshkosh Chancellors Office, expressed his enthusiasm for the event.

“This event showcases the talent of our students and the close working relationship they have with our faculty,” Grogan said.  “It is a reflection of exemplary work being done by faculty and students from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.”

Jennifer Kellerhuis, a senior majoring in athletic training, is presenting her poster on “Sustainability in Collegiate Athletic Training.”

“I chose to research sustainability in the athletic training setting because athletic training is the profession that I will be in. UW Oshkosh is one of the schools most concerned with sustainability, which gave me the idea for the project,” Kellerhuis said.

Kellerhuis’ main objective in presenting her poster at the Madison event is to show how and if the demographics of a college have an impact on sustainability when being broken down into three categories: social, financial and environmental.

“The nature, character and quality of the research is always a surprise for legislators and others to see. Just about everyone is surprised, and impressed, by the depth and quality of the research,” Grogan said.

Kimberly Barth, a UW Oshkosh junior majoring in computer science, also will be presenting her research at Posters in the Rotunda.

“I was influenced by the computer science department on campus to pick a topic that had to do with algorithm visualizations,” Barth said. “My partner and I choose object composition because there was a large void in algorithm visualization when beginning programming topics were concerned.”

Barth wants people who view her research to know “that in all fields computer animated visualization are important tools in helping students learn well.”

Participating in the Posters in the Rotunda event has influenced Barth to pursue graduate school after the completion of her bachelor’s degree from UW Oshkosh, she said.

“It is always inspiring to see how our students are actively engaged in the advancement of knowledge and the discovery of new findings.  This event is a real tribute to the high-quality instruction taking place at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh,” Grogan said.

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UW Oshkosh participants:

  • Kimberly Barth (George Thomas, Computer Science), “Creating a Visualization Tool for Object Composition”
  • Eric Fell (Stephanie Spehar, Anthropology), “Use of Mineral Drinks by Diverse Animal Species in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo”
  • Jennifer Kellerhuis (Robert Sipes, Kinesiology/Athletic Training), “Sustainability in Collegiate Athletic Training”
  • Katie Kufahl (Amy Knepple-Carney, Psychology), “Cross-Cultural Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action in Brazil and the United States”
  • Derrick Lashua (Angela Subulwa, Geography & Urban Planning), “Sudanese Refugee Perspectives on the Emergence of South Sudan”
  • Grant O’Connell (Dan Schmidt, Kinesiology), “The Potential Effects of Natural Surface Training on Lower Extremity Strength and Running Economy in Endurance Runners: A Case Study.”

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