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As University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students finished up their studies in spring 1962, enrollment had surpassed 2,800, Polk Library construction was underway and the nation cheered as John Glenn orbited the earth.

Flash forward 50 years.

As Class of 1962 alumni get ready for their Golden Titan Reunion May 11-12, they’ll find that enrollment has grown to 13,500, construction of the new Horizon Village is nearing completion and the nation is readying to cheer on U.S. athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

“Each spring, we invite the 50th reunion class and all alumni who have already reached that milestone back to campus for an opportunity to reconnect with fellow classmates and their alma mater,” said UWO Alumni Director Christine Gantner. “We are so proud and excited to honor our Golden Titans and provide them with an update of our current top-notch facilities and educational programs.”

Quiver Yearbook 1962

Pat (Long) Marohn, of Glenview, Ill., will be among the members of the Class of 1962 who return to campus in May.

“During my first three years at Oshkosh State College—now UWO—I lived at Radford Hall,” Marohn said. “The second semester of my freshman year, I pledged Lambda Chi Sorority, now Chi Omega. For two years, I lived on the second floor with my sorority sister Nancy Jahns. We lived in the smallest room in the building, which could only accommodate a set of bunk beds. We managed with very little—shared a closet, desk and a popcorn popper.”

Marohn and her classmates enjoyed a thriving Greek life on campus, as well as dancing on the weekends and watching movies on Sunday nights.

“During this period, the Greeks were very active on campus, and the majority of the students in our dorm were in sororities. It was a fun time to be in college,” she said.

“We also had strict evening curfew hours:  weekdays 10:30 p.m. and weekends 12:30 a.m. When you departed the dorm, you pulled your card at the front desk and checked out or in. Mrs. Long was always at the desk for the check-in times, as she locked the doors promptly as scheduled.”

Marohn said the 1962 graduating class of 257 students represented a spectrum of interests and talents.

“We were proud of our campus and the investment in our future. It was a solid learning environment and that feeling was reciprocated. It was an exciting time to be a student!” she said.

Marohn, who attended the Golden Titan Reunion last year with her husband Lou Marohn ’61, encourages her fellow classmates to join her this May.

“That experience was awesome! The future of UWO is alive and thriving. To witness its growth and expansion was so exhilarating and exciting. We need to be investors, supporters, watch dogs and cheerleaders for the future generations who will embrace the challenges of education and human relations.”

Golden Titan festivities include a bus tour of campus, a class photo and a class dinner Friday night.

Members of the class, along with fellow alumni who have reached the Golden Titan milestone, will be honored as guests at a luncheon in Reeve Memorial Union, Room 202.

In addition, members of the 50th reunion class will have the opportunity to don golden caps and gowns and lead the newest UWO graduates into their future, during the afternoon commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12 at Kolf Sports Center.

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