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Carol Botz, administrative assistant in the College of Education and Human Services, has been named recipient of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh June 2012 STAR Award.

Botz was nominated by Janet Hagen, human services leadership professor. Portions of her nomination submission follow:

“Carol Botz exemplifies a Titan! She is committed to us, our programs and our students.

“Carol has to handle a job in a department consisting of several majors, both undergrad and grad. When she started we had one and a half people doing the job she is doing now. In addition, we did not have our online program or several certificate programs. Carol never complains and is always there for the students — she always makes sure we have the full story on student concerns. She is an important part of our team.

“Carol always has a can-do attitude and works overtime frequently just to stay ahead. She takes on new responsibilities to help the department, such as helping to facilitate the program review process. She is always willing to generate ideas in the spirit of teamwork.

“We have a prison program that has served more than 2,000 prisons and more than 30 students (who facilitate this program). Although not a part of her job description, she makes sure that when students are interested in the program they have all the information they need to make it a success. She takes care of the books for the program, enrolling the students in a special section, attending the meetings when the women prisoners come to campus and makes the certificate templates. Many times I have thought we should maybe stop doing the program but she always gives a little push because she sees the importance to the students and how it changes their life and the lives of the prisoners, too.

“Carol’s willingness to shoulder extra makes the rest of us want to do the same.”

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