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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh American Democracy Project (ADP) is inviting students and community members to once again take part in an innovative challenge.

The second annual Creating a Stronger Community Contest is designed to “generate excitement and action around community-building projects.” The individual or group  responsible for the winning idea will be awarded a cash grant for the purpose of implementing the idea, contest sponsors announced.

“The purpose is to build community and help produce seed money for innovative projects that will increase the quality of life in Oshkosh,” said Paul Van Auken, UW Oshkosh sociology and environmental studies professor.

Groups and individuals of any age with great ideas (or even seeds of ideas) are encouraged to apply, Van Auken said.

Applicants for the contest can be anyone in the Oshkosh area community and all applications are due by Oct. 7. The applicants must submit a written proposal including the following elements: Contact information, budget, project category and narrative about the idea.  A link to the entry form can be found on the ADP website.

The entire community is invited to come to the fun and exciting event finals on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 11, in the atrium of the City Center (Becket’s Restaurant entrance). Those who contribute a nominal amount will be able to vote and help determine the winners.

Last year, the contest yielded more than $2,000 for the three finalists – Oshkosh Food Co-op, Growing Seeds of Change Community Garden and Habitat for Humanity’s neighborhood project – all of which are actively engaging in the development of their projects.

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