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A combined total of more than 4,600 years of service to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh was recognized April 14 at a Length of Service Luncheon and 25-Year and Retirement Dinner.

The annual events honored the accomplishments, contributions and dedication of its employees celebrating career milestones. Employees celebrating milestone years totaled 3,635 years of service, while the 39 retirees’ total years of service totaled 971, including three employees who served 40 years or more.

The employees who were honored follow:

Five years of service

Nancy Ahrens, College of Nursing
Dawn Arnold, Academic Advisement Center, College of Nursing
Laura Baker, English
Stefan Becker, Geography
Kathleen Bellaire, College of Nursing
Mindy Boos, Head Start
Andrew Bosma, Biology
Julie Boucher, Head Start
Denise Bovee, Head Start
Cynthia Brun, Center for New Learning
Tammy Chapin, College of Nursing
Sue Clark, College of Nursing
Christin Coleman, Residence Life
Amanda Coleman-Mason, College of Education and Human Services
Erin Coppernoll, Intercollegiate Athletics
Jocelyn Crist, Residence Life
Tiffany Cummings, University Books and More
Karina Cutler-Lake, Art
Jana Dettlaff, College of Education and Human Services
Jennifer Donath, English
James Feldman, Sociology
Jacqueline Foth, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Rosann Geiser, College of Nursing
Carla Haen, Reeve Union
Lynn Hammen, Head Start
Jeanine Hanisch, Center for New Learning
Leah Hanson, College of Nursing
Jeanne Hiatt, College of Nursing
Lori James, Head Start
Robert Johannes, Facilities Management
John Johnsen, Intercollegiate Athletics
Scott Johnson, Registrar’s Office
Cary Jolin, Head Start
Karen King, Public Affairs
Linda Koon, Reeve Union
Michelle Kuhl, History
Quincy Lagrant, Admissions
Cindy Lancaster, UW Oshkosh Foundation
Rachelle Lancaster, College of Nursing
Ruthann Lee, Head Start
Janet Lenz, Health Center
Charles Lindsey, College of Education and Human Services
Lindsay Lovell, Head Start
Barbara Ludwig, University Books and More
Richard Marshall, Career Services
Peter Martin, English
Theresa Marxen, Children’s Center
Kristy Mcmillan, Head Start
Marc Miller, Parking Office
Jill Milos, Center for New Learning
Ellen Moll, College of Nursing
Amy Nash, Sociology
Jan Norton, Center for Academic Resources
Sarah Oconnell, College of Nursing
Norma Oliveras Sanfiorenzo, Head Start
Lisa Pfaff, College of Business
Jeffrey Pickron, History
Kristy Radtke, Admissions
Kevin Rau, Journalism
Michael Raymond, Art
Stephen Richards, Public Affairs
Marty Robinson, Music
Mindy Roever, College of Nursing
Carol Rosing, Music
Lucy Rowley, Social Work
Joseph Rutchik, English
Coy Sabel, Center for New Learning
Emmet Sandberg, Art
John Schlichter, Military Science
Bonnie Schmidt, College of Nursing
Kari Schmidt, Head Start
Barbara Scholfield, Health Center
Liliana Sevilla, Head Start
Alison Shaw, Music
Chrissy Shields, Head Start
Laura Smolinski, College of Nursing
Janice Stark, College of Education and Human Services
Angela Stoddard, Head Start
Dylan Stolley, Life Long Learning & Community Engagement
Wendy Strauch-Nelson, Art
Cindy Suess, Intercollegiate Athletics
Matthew Suwalski, Residence Life
Dawn Trettin- Moyer, English
Brian Trost, Information Technology
Angela Westphal, Communications
Linda Wilkens, Foreign Language
Bee Xiong, Head Start
Thomas Xiong, Admissions

10 years of service

Joe Abhold, Counseling Center
Isabel Alvarez, Foreign Language
Kevin Backstrom, Communications
Bryan Bain, Academic Advisement Center
Susan Bates, Facilities Management
Michael Becker, University Books and More
Jackie Boese, University Books and More
Todd Borgerding, Music
James Bowen, College of Education and Human Services
Penny Buckley, College of Education and Human Services
Debbie Busse, Student Opinion Surveys
Kevin Cavanaugh, Facilities Management
Jill Collier, College of Nursing
Christie Demosthenous, Geology
Steven Dunn, College of Business
Kim Freier, Life Long Learning & Community  Engagement
Sharon Hawi, Chemistry
Margaret Hostetler, English
Toni House, College of Education and Human Services
John Imobersteg, Music
Jean Inda, College of Education and Human Services
Cynthia Lynn Johnson, Head Start
Judith Johnson, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Diana Kehrberg, Reeve Union
Andrea Kisley, Head Start
Greg Kleinheinz, Biology
Linda Konsella, Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Robert Kunkel, College of Business
Jean Kwaterski, Student Affairs
Thomas Lammers, Biology
Leigh-Ann Lethco, Music
Kenneth Liske, Music
Mary Luebke, Library
Traci Luft, Information Technology
Kathleen Lynch, Computer Science
Kathleen Lynch, Computer Science
Courtney Maron, Mathematics
Sara Mikoulinskii, Integrated Marketing & Communications
Jerome Murphy, Residence Life
Bruce Niendorf, College of Business
Ann Oliver Lepore, Campus Center for Equity & Diversity
Michael Parks, Information Technology
Tim Paulsen, Geology
Wade Peitersen, Intercollegiate Athletics
Susan Pendleton Witte, Facilities Management
Tom Perzentka, Biology
Carla Pomplun, Facilities Management
Kenneth Price, Mathematics
Amy Rogge, Student Affairs
Melissa Schmidt, Center for New Learning
Marybeth Schuster, Center for Career Development and Employee Trainability
Emily Selk Loper, University Books and More
Tom Sonnleitner, Finance and Administration
Lisa Sugrue, College of Education and Human Services
Michael Tippins, College of Business
Sarah Vancamp, Science Outreach
Kathryn Vanravenstein, College of Nursing
Ann Vogel, Communications
Michael Watson, Institutional Research
Teri Wegner, College of Education and Human Services
Elyn Wissbroecker, University Police
Hong Zhang, Mathematics

15 years of service

J. Ben Arbaugh, College of Business
Franca Barricelli, College of Letters and Science Dean’s Office
Barbara Benish, Journalism
Zoubir Benzaid, Mathematics
Jeannette Boudry, Mathematics
Michael Briley, Physics/Astronomy
Nancy Burnett, Economics
Terry Coleman, College of Business
Michael Cowling, Journalism
Lori Develicecollins, Residence Life
Mark Dishaw, College of Business
Thomas Fischer, College of Education and Human Services
Bonnie Gaskill, College of Education and Human Services
David Gomez-Torres, Foreign Language
Angelee Hammond, Political Science
Elizabeth Hartman, Political Science
Randy Hedge, Reeve Union
Li Hu, Art
Becky Kissinger, Human Resources
Lisa Koehler, Head Start
Michael Lizotte, Facilities Management
Stephen Makar, College of Business
Suzanne Marnocha, College of Nursing
Kathleen Mueske, Counseling Center
Rachel Murphy, Head Start
Matthew Nelson, Biology
Ron Neuman, Facilities Management
Deborah Neveau, University Books and More
Ellen Pitsch, College of Nursing
Frances Rauscher, Psychology
Brian Schneider, Facilities Management
Becky Thorson randall, College of Education and Human Services
Nancy Veith, Financial Aids
Patti Wild, College of Business
Stanley Zitek, University Police

20 years of service

Thomas Allen, Foreign Language
Donna Behnke, Residence Life
Elisabeth Billings, Financial Aids
Randal Binder, Facilities Management
Marlyn Carpenter, Facilities Management
KLD Gunawardena, Mathematics
Richard Hackbarth, Financial Services – Business Office
Chuck Hermes, Facilities Management
Sharon Hybke, Communications
Mary Kasper, Continuing Education
Lynn Kriha, Student Loans
Lori Kroening, UW Oshkosh Foundation
Evan Lipschutz, Art
Irma M. Burgos, Campus Center for Equity & Diversity
Ava Mccall, College of Education and Human Services
Karen Meyers, Reeve Union
Soo-Young Moon, College of Business
Trent Morgan, University Police
Annette Murphy, Science Outreach
Sandra Neuendorf, Chemistry
Pat Nichols, Center for Career Development and Employee Trainability
Tony Palmeri, Communications
Beverly Phillips, Reeve Memorial Union
Arthur Pontynen, Art
Michael Schellenger, College of Business
Christine Schettle, Registrar’s Office
Roxanne Schmidt, Head Start
Lin Schrottky, Library
Evan Schwalbe, Heating Plant
Jim Simmons, Political Science
Rebecca Spurlock, Admissions
James Stockwell, University Books and More
Mark Streufert, Facilities Management
John Strous, Medical Technology
Doug Vanderheyden, Facilities Management
Vicki Verbrick, Biology
William Wacholtz, Chemistry
Terri Wouts, Philosophy

25 years of service

Joann Bares, Residence Life
Richard Bares, Student Recreation and Wellness Center
Kathy Budweg, Residence Life
James Chaudoir, Music
Connie Doemel, Financial Services
Nicholas Dvoracek, Instructional Resource Center
Jean Erdman, College of Education and Human Services,
Gerard Grzyb, Sociology,
Susan Gustke, Intercollegiate Athletics
Willis Hagen, College of Business
Barbara Kargus, Counselling Center
Larry Lawniczak, Facilities Management
Gail Marciniak, Residence Life
Susan Mcfadden, Psychology
Evelyn Meuret, Media Services
Robert Robinson, Reeve Memorial union
Sue Schierstedt, College of Business
Joseph Schroeder, University Police
Dan Strey, Central Stores
Ted Van Dellen, Intercollegiate Athletics,
Nancy Wallace, Head Start
Carol Willihnganz, Chemistry
Lori Worm, Finance and Administration
Janet Zerbe, Admissions

30 years of service

John A. Cross, College of Letters and Science Dean’s Office
Thomas Andrasko, Facilities Management
Bert Chiang, College of Education and Human Services
Red Darland, Purchasing Office
Mike Donker, Facilities Management
Paulette Feld, Library
Paula Geier, College of Education and Human Services
Marcy Hauer, Chemistry
Gustav Heinecke, Facilities Management
Joseph L. Franklin, Institutional Research
Nachell Nabbefeld, Facilities Management
Kay Neal, Communications
Charles Reigel, Mathematics
Ken Splittgerber, Information Technology

35 years of service

Sandra Kust, Children’s Center
Lynn Mozingo, College of Business
Sandra Nigl, Business Development Center
Gloria Splittgerber, Graduate Studies Office

40 years of service

Henry Winterfeldt, College of Education and Human Services

45 years of service

John Burr, Philosophy
David Hodge, Art


  • Marge Bekkers, Administrative Computing, Information Technology, 30 years of service
  • Karen Bowen, Assistant Dean, College of Letters and Science, 34 years of service
  • Diane Bunck, Human Resources, 35 years of service
  • James Chitwood, Dean of Students, Student Affairs, 29 years of service
  • Paul Clark, Associate Counselor, Counseling Center, three years of service
  • Mary Cook, University Services Associate 2, Women’s Center, nine years of service
  • Leona Dempsey, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, 14 years of service
  • Mary Jane Drexler, Financial Services, Finance and Administration, 33 years of service
  • Imelda Druke, Senior Advisor, Center for Academic Support and Diversity, 22 years of service
  • Jeanne Foley, Administrative Program Managere, Polk Library, 29 years of service
  • Lu Ann Guenther, Administrative Computing, Information Technology, 29 years of service
  • Peter Hennes, Senior Power Plant Operator, Facilities Management, 15 years of service
  • Elizabeth Heuer, Director, Human Resources, 28 years of service
  • Susan Hildahl, Graduation Examiner, Registrar’s Office, 42 years of service
  • Roxana Huebscher, Professor, College of Nursing, 17 years of service
  • Susan Jensen, Facilities Management, 14 years of service
  • Larry Lawniczak, Facilities Management, 25 years of service
  • Marc Lockwood, Residence Life, 24 years of service
  • Mary Madden, Lecturer, Social Work, 13 years of service
  • Gail Marciniak, Residence Life, 25 years of service
  • Shirley Merten, Custodial Services, Facilities Management, 30 years of service
  • Lynn Mozingo, Senior Administrative Program Manager, Graduate Program, College of Business, 26 years of service
  • Sandra Neuendorf, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry, College of Letters & Science, 21 years of service
  • David Niemuth, Administrative Computing, Information Technology, 40 years of service
  • Nancy Norris, Lecturer, Communication, College of Letters and Science, nine years of service
  • Karen Norton, Dean’s Office, College of Education & Human Services, 41 years of service
  • Martha Petersen, Senior Student Services Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Affairs, 27 years of service
  • Carol Procknow, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, 28 years of service
  • Susan Reed, Associate Professor, Public Affairs, College of Letters and Science, 24 years of service
  • Gloria Splittgerber, University Services Program Associate, Graduate Studies, 35 years of service
  • Stephanie Stewart, Professor, College of Nursing, 19 years of service
  • C. Burk Tower, Interim Dean, College of Business, 33 years of service.
  • Wayne Swanger, Associate Professor, Special Education, College of Education and Human Services, 12 years of service
  • Soulath Vongsa, Custodial Services, Facilities Management, 28 years of service
  • John Willihnganz, Manager, Human Resources, 28 years of service
  • Floyd Wouters, Lecturer, Mathematics, 20 years of service
  • William Wurzbach, Administrative Computing, Information Technology, 28 years of service
  • Patricia Yehle, Administrative Computing, Information Technology, 38 years of service
  • Diane Zanto, Director, Student Health Center, 14 years of service

The UW Oshkosh length-of-service awards are based solely on the years of service toward the UW Oshkosh campus, including those with limited-term appointments. Therefore, any years of service on other UW System campuses or state agencies is not included in this recognition. Since the celebration is held in the spring of each year, the cut-off date for determining years of service is the end of the fiscal year, June 30. Questions should be directed to Tim Danielson at