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KipUpCloseFrom his hands-on experience hosting on-air radio at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to launching a voice acting career, KipTheLip has made a name for himself.

Kristopher “Kip” Karstedt, ’81, a radio-TV-film alumnus, has gone far since leaving the studios of UWO. He has been a cameraman for WBAY TV, a writer and a creative director at Woodward Communications, WAPL/WHBY radio, in Appleton.

He currently lives in Lindenhurst, Ill., and has launched an advertising agency, which has been thriving for the past 30 years. But more ingeniously, he has been known to many as KipTheLip, a voice actor, whose work ranges from “deadpan animal calls” to “chipper McDonald’s promos.”

Karstedt’s brother, Mark, also a UWO alumnus ’85, said Kip has an innate ability to express himself from the heart, thereby conveying truth.

“This is revealed in his work,” Mark said. “It speaks to the message receiver in a sincere and honest manner.”

The Karstedt brothers grew up in West Bend, and are two of 10 children. Kip was number six. He graduated from West Bend East High School and The Players Workshop of the Second City Improv. He also studied at the Piven Theater Workshop and Audition Studio before attending UW Oshkosh.

“I loved my years at UW Oshkosh,” he said. “It opened my eyes to possibilities. I gained many, many friends and experiences that have forever changed my life in meaningful, inspiring ways.”

Fellow UWO alumni, David Anderson ’81 and Paul Farese ’81, share similar experiences with Karstedt, as they met through the radio-TV-film program.

“I have been friends with Kip since 1979,” Farese said. “We met in class and wound up doing television commercials together. Kip was a very outgoing person, like myself, and he has a unique talent.”

Karstedt also worked with Anderson on a variety of media projects during their undergraduate program and have remained good friends.

“To know Kip Karstedt is to witness the wonderful expansion of human spirit,” he said. “He is an adventure that won’t be contained. Kip’s professional portfolio and accomplishments speak volumes about his remarkable path since graduating from UWO. His success as an artist and businessman is a product of his force of imagination and willingness to take risks.”

Anderson said Karstedt’s pursuit of his dreams is a model for students.

Karstedt said his experience at UWO gave him the ability to take risks, gain confidence and pursue his career goals.

“(UWO) really helped broaden my views on so many things and has provided so much opportunity,” he said. “I got hands-on experience in radio as an on-air host, hands-on experience producing a television show, hands-on experience shooting and directing movies, writing screenplays and short stories. The experience led to several great jobs.”

Karstedt currently is focusing on his voice acting career as KipTheLip, as well as his advertising agency, where serves as the creative director and the president.

“You may be scratching your head wondering, ‘Who the heck is KipTheLip?’” Karstedt said. “I really don’t know who I am. Every morning, I wake up and give myself a new name in order to make me more conscious of the endless possibilities of each new day.”