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viewer2Students in Don Stolley’s art department photography course earned more than just a grade this past semester.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students were divided into four groups to create photographs for a chance to have theirs displayed on the cover of the June edition of New North B2B magazine.  While only one cover photograph could be selected, all groups will have their work displayed in the magazine.

The photos were designed to reflect the magazine’s annual Alla tua Salute! Award, which recognizes employer-based wellness programming that stand out in the area.

“This was a great opportunity for the students… to work in a team, to cooperate, schedule and finish on a deadline and to actually get their work published in a local business magazine—a resume item for all of them,” Stolley said.

Stolley, who has himself created the artwork for  more than 70 B2B magazine covers in the past eleven years, said he helped students along by providing them with locations and props. Two of the class groups utilized Stolley’s downtown studio for their work.

Fine arts major Mary Aschenbrenner, who helped create one of the student photographs, said the collaboration that took place was a learning experience for her.

“This project provided me with the experience of working with a magazine by transforming an idea that they held into a concept that would be appealing and easily understood,” she said.

And it was appealing to New North B2B’s president and publisher, Sean Fitzgerald.

“I’m continually impressed by the raw creativity of the students engaged in this project,” Fitzgerald said. “From my perspective, it’s a sign there’s a talented workforce on the horizon for the publishing and graphic arts industries.”

Fitzgerald has worked with some of Stolley’s UW Oshkosh students once before when a similar class project was held in 2012. He said the opportunity is a benefit to both sides.

“We’re always delighted to invent and seek out new, creative partnerships with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh,” he said. “This project offers students insight into real world applications of commercial photography and graphic design, and provides them with a meaningful addition to their portfolio. At the same time, B2B magazine receives a fresh accent on its look and feel in a manner that’s highly cost-effective to our budget.”

Stolley agreed that the student photographs were well done. He said all students will receive a copy of the magazine.

Aschenbrenner said the project was “out of the ordinary,” in a good way.

“It allowed us as aspiring artists to display our work in the real world, have it critiqued by professionals and chosen based not on who made it but by the relativity of the content,” she said.

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