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In its second year as a student organization, the Interactive Web Management (IWM) Club has 17 members and meets every other week.

“IWM Club is for open to anyone who is interested in social media management and Web development,” IWM Club President Nicole Brey, a senior IWM major from Mount Horeb, Wis., said. “We bring in speakers from around the area and they speak about how they got to their career and what they do in the field. It really gives students an opportunity to interact with others outside of classroom work.”

Membership is open to students in all majors and members also have the opportunity network with speakers.

Senior Logan Romine, an IWM major and international business minor of Fennimore, Wis., serves as the IWM club treasurer managing the club’s budget and secured an internship at Pierce Manufacturing through an IWM Club meeting.

“I met the director of marketing when he spoke at IWM Club, and then again at Networking Night and the Career Fair on the Fox, so I’ve always kept in touch with him,” Romine said. “When I was looking for an internship, I reached out to him and was able to get an interview with him, then a position became available and it was the perfect fit for me and it was all because of networking.”

Romine recently accepted a full-time at Skyline Technologies, which he will begin after graduating in May 2015.

“Talking to employers at Networking Night and through IWM Club meetings makes me a better rounded person,” Romine said. “I am able to know what employers want from recent graduates, and I am able to focus in on that while in school and doing course work.”

“The IWM Club is a great way to meet employers, great friends and colleagues that you’ll have while working in the industry,” Romine said.

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