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With nice weather here to stay, it’s time to take advantage of it and get outside. There are plenty of activities to do around campus.

Stay active and get outdoors with these resources on campus:


Student Recreation and Wellness Center

ClimbingCompetition_42_640The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) is open throughout the summer. Summer passes are available for purchase in the form of either a full-summer or half-summer pass. These passes are available to current students, students from other schools, faculty and staff. Visit the SRWC website for more information on the summer rates.

The SRWC facilities include numerous outdoor activities such as: sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, running/walking routes and more. There are also baseball and football fields located farther off-campus on the corner of New York Avenue and Jackson Street at East Hall Park.



outdooractivitiesxpeditionsuwoshkoshThe outdoor activities branch of the SRWC offers many different pieces of equipment for rent. There are bikes, in-line skates, various sporting equipment, lawn games and camping equipment available. When it’s nice out, there are even one and two-person kayaks. Check out the full list of equipment for the different rates.



outdooractivitiestrailsatuwoshkoshPart of the Wiouwash State Trail runs through Oshkosh and the rest of Winnebago County as well as directly through the UW Oshkosh campus. Whether walking, running or biking, get out and enjoy the riverside trail. There are even routes that are mapped out to start and end near the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Winnebago County Park also has a wide variety of outdoor activities available including: hiking trails, a dog park, fishing ponds, a disk golf course, baseball fields and more.


Menominee Park

outdooractivitiesmenomineeparkuwoshkoshLocated just a little more than one mile from the UW Oshkosh campus, Menominee Park is a great spot to relax and enjoy the weather. The park includes a small beach, playground, large fields, trails, basketball courts and even a zoo! There are also paddle boats available to use on the pond in the park.



Winnebago County Park

Although it’s a bit farther off of campus than the Menominee Park, the Winnebago County Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities. There are baseball and soccer fields, fishing ponds, a disc golf course, an archery range, various trails and more. Check out the map online for directions.