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The Provost released this statement on Wednesday, April 22:

The newly organized Strategic Planning Team met at the Alumni and Welcome Center on April 16th to continue the next phase of the University Strategic Plan process. Guided by an outside consultant, Dr. Kathleen Paris, the team identified several themes for goal setting and for discussion by all members of the campus community in upcoming meetings in the fall. The team hopes to have a completed strategic plan in place by the end of December so that a separate Implementation Team can begin to identify strategies for enactment starting in January 2016. We look forward to working with you all in future campus presentations and discussions.

Members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee are:

Lane Earns (Chair), Sylvia Carey-Butler, Jamie Ceman, Dale Feinauer, Michael Ford, Jaime Page-Stadler and Carleen Vande Zande.

Members of the Strategic Planning Team are:

Michael Ford, Literacy and Language (Faculty – Chair); Sylvia Carey-Butler, Center for Equity and Diversity (Administrator – Vice-Chair); Susan Adams, LLCE (AS); Victor Alatorre, Residence Life (AS); Franca Barricelli, COLS Dean’s Office (Administrator/Faculty); Susan Cramer, Graduate Studies (Administrator/Faculty); Norlisha Crawford, English/ African Studies (Faculty); Lisa Danielson, Registrar’s Office (AS); Nancy Harrison, Student Support (AS); Douglas Heil, Radio/TV/Film (Faculty); Charlie Hill, LLCE (Faculty); Meridith Jaeger, Wisconsin Family Business Forum (AS); Stephen Kercher, History (Faculty); Jean Kwaterski, Student Affairs (AS); David Lishner, Psychology (Faculty); Jeff Locy, Facilities Management (US); Erin McArthur, Library (AS); Kate McQuillan, Human Resources (AS); Ann Mittelstadt, Student; Maureen Muldoon, Geology (Faculty); Leslie Neal-Boylan, CON Dean (Administrator); Reginald Parson, Student; Denise Robson, Economics (Faculty); Alan Saginak, Professional Counseling (Faculty); Jordan Schettle, Student; Mary Seaman, Biology (IAS); Alison Shaw, Music (Faculty); David Siemers, Political Science (Faculty); Robert Sipes, Kinesiology/Athletic Training (Faculty); Matt Suwalski, Reeve Union (AS); Lisa Szromba, UARC (AS); Patrick Vander Zanden, Residence Life (AS); James Wiciak, IT (US); and Thomas Wolf, University Books (US).