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_DSC4583_Julia Hodgen, dean’s assistant in the College of Business, has been named the recipient of the September STAR Award.

Hodgen has worked for the College of Business since May 2012.  Since then, she has become an asset to the College, often being the “go-to” person when a problem or issue needs to be resolved. Whatever the task, Julia is efficient and brings a level of skill and professionalism that is unmatched. Her extraordinary service not only to the current and past Dean, but to the College in whole makes it a wonderful place to be.

Hodgen was nominated by Ashay Desai, associate professor in management and human resources with the College of Business. Desai highlighted Julia’s accomplishments and contributions to the College:

“We have the highest respect for her, both personally and professionally. Her reliability and integrity are above question. We admire how she has handled the day-to-day aspects and as a great leader that knows when to take charge of a situation.  She is aware of her responsibilities and has effectively handled critical matters that have transpired unexpectedly. No matter what the situation, Julia always stays cool, calm and collective.

“Julia is the glue that keeps the Dean’s office and its operations together. She is the one who knows the procedures, the events, and the people. Without her, I envision chaos……

“….There are some good people working in the College of Business and then there are others who are exceptional…Julia is one of them.

​”…​There is not a day that goes by that we are impress by Julia. She encompasses what we strive for in an employee. The ability to balance her multiple roles in the COB and her willingness to help others with a positive attitude.​

“…She is always cheerful and prompt in performing any task at hand. Ask her a question and she has the answer or she will have the answer for you one way or another. Any paperwork that comes to her is processed at speeds only “Flash” can achieve…..

“Julia’s rapport extends beyond the college and has been complimented for her hard work, dedication and organization that she brings. She brings a great skill set combined with her familiarity with the structure of the university which is instrumental to the flow and environment of the COB. She has always supported the vision and values of the college. She has displayed a true sense of responsibility and leadership.

“It is with these qualities that we have described about Julia that make her an ideal recipient for the STAR Award.”

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