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4c7307bb-0625-4594-85de-0cd64200d3c4The 10th issue of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s undergraduate research journal Oshkosh Scholar showcases the investigations of seven students from six disciplines.

At the time Oshkosh Scholar was first published a decade ago, such undergraduate journals were uncommon across the country, said Linda Freed, director emerita of UWO’s Office of Grants and Faculty Development.

“Over the years, this journal has increased in impact and participation,” she said. “UW Oshkosh students who submit to Oshkosh Scholar have already benefited from an intense research collaboration with a faculty mentor.”

By submitting their research to the journal, students “experience the rigors of academic editing and the rewards of publishing professional-quality papers,” she added.

Research articles go through a double-blind faculty review and thorough revision process.

image_previewThe latest issue of Oshkosh Scholar includes:

  • Kristen Fohrman, 2015 marketing graduate, of Waupun, with faculty mentor Melissa Bublitz, “Technology-Mediated Communications and Sales: The Effects on the Workplace.”
  • Michael Lahti, now a senior at UW-Green Bay, of Appleton, with faculty mentor Robert Wagoner, “Lust as an Embodied Appraisal.”
  • Andrew Mannenbach, 2016 history graduate, of Green Bay, with faculty mentor Michelle Kuhl, “Muscles, Morals and Culture Wars: Masculinity and Football at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century.”
  • Amanda Roberts, 2016 history and math graduate, of Montgomery, Minnesota, with faculty mentor Kimberly Rivers, “Everything in its Place: Six Encompassing Theories of Memory with Regard to Object Triggers.”
  • Mitchell Schultz, 2015 economics graduate, of Oconomowoc, with faculty mentor Marianne Johnson, “‘It’s the Only Thing:’ Winning Percentage in College Football.”
  • Zachary Thede, 2016 English graduate, of Chilton, with faculty mentor Roberta Maguire, “‘That is Why I Fight My Battle:’ War in Invisible Man.”
  • Hallie Turnbull, 2015 political science graduate, of Madison, with faculty mentor James Krueger, “The Welfare Debate: Social Protection and Happiness in the European Union.”

In addition, the cover image for the issue was designed by Laura Coates, a 2015 fine arts major, of Menasha. She used images from textbooks and reference materials to illustrate the different areas of study represented in Oshkosh Scholar.

“Lines of text form connections, representing the collaboration of faculty and student,” she said. “The final composition communicates information coming together as a full body of knowledge and finished work.”

Oshkosh Scholar is an annual publication. It is jointly funded by the Differential Tuition Program and the Provost’s Office. Print copies of Oshkosh Scholar are available in the Polk Library entryway or Dempsey 214.

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