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622706_425086360880566_990076743_o (4)To offer college students an alternative to drinking, a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumnus is taking his Party.0-sober party concept across the United States in a national tour.

UWO alumnus Jake White ’14, of Oshkosh, started Party.0 in 2012 with the help of a friend to create sober parties for college students to meet and hang out.

“Once students from all over the country started asking us how we got 150 college students to party sober, I knew we had something big,” White said.

The Party.0 National College Tour will begin in February 2017. It will take 47 weeks and be split up into three semesters.

lightsAt one school chosen per state, the Party.0 team will spend a week helping the student leaders develop their Party.0 chapter.

White said a typical sober party has about 150 students, a DJ, indoor and outdoor games, competitions and food and drinks.

Besides White, the Party.0 team includes White’s wife Emily White and Alexander Ramsey ’13, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Emily White is the campus outreach coordinator and Ramsey is in charge of visual marketing and social media. The team is looking for another member to help with coordinating schedules and life on the road.

A crowdfunding campaign will launch Tuesday, Sept. 6, the day after Labor Day, to help raise money for Party.0 to travel across the country.

The team has raised $25,000 so far. The campaign will help them raise the extra $10,000 they need to cover fuel costs, food, water and basic vehicle maintenance.

“The campaign also will help us spread the word to students who are interested in having Party.0 on their campus,” White said. “We are leaving it up to the crowd to choose which schools we go to. The more support we get from a specific university, the more likely we are to make it a stop on our tour.”

DJThe tour will help Party.0 become more sustainable in mission and finances as they create a national platform. It also will provide the base to host an annual conference to teach new students how to host sober events for their campuses.

White said they want the tour to show people that college students can have fun without alcohol and that students can hold Party.0 activities on their campus.

“We want to make sure that students know that there are multiple ways to fit in, have fun and make friends in college,” White said.

To donate to Party.O, visit and type “Party.0 National Tour” in the search bar, or go to, beginning on Sept. 6.

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