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Travis_CardarellaTravis Cardarella, of De Forest, graduates from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a major in communication studies and an emphasis in organizational communication. Cardarella will deliver the student commencement speech to his class of more than 1,100 graduates Dec. 17.

“Serving as the student commencement speaker is very rewarding. It’s hard to explain the amount of gratitude I have for this opportunity,” Cardarella said. “I believe that it is important to distinguish this opportunity is not solely about me but rather it’s about us as a graduating class. I am representing our graduating class as a whole and to be that voice has been a remarkably moving experience.”

The midyear ceremony begins at 9:30 a.m. at Kolf Sports Center, 738 High Ave., on the UW Oshkosh campus. The ceremony will last about two hours.

Cardarella has been involved in variety of activities during his time at UW Oshkosh. As a freshman, Cardarella was involved in the American Sign Language Club and College Democrats. He also was active as a student leader in the Odyssey Program, a member of the Rainbow Alliance for Hope and in Habitat for Humanity, which informed his knowledge of environmentalism and sustainability.

During Cardarella’s junior and senior years, he led a successful collaboration between the Millennials Club and the CEO Club on campus, which taught him how millennials are changing the game in entrepreneurship. He also joined the CEO Club his senior year to learn more about entrepreneurship within the millennial generation.

“Titans are change-makers,” Cardarella said. “We are determined, engaged, curious and resourceful. To be a Titan is to actively revitalize your sense of purpose and in doing so, create change within the environment around you.”

“Graduation doesn’t only reflect what we’ve done but also where we will be going … the purpose we will continue to serve out,” Cardarella said.

Following graduation, Cardarella plans to move to Madison and work in the nonprofit sector.

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