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Senior geology student Phillip Kaltenbach, of Oshkosh, is working with University of Wisconsin Oshkosh assistant professor Benjamin Hallett to try a new technique for understanding the conditions behind the creation of metamorphic rocks.

Most geology students at UW Oshkosh get involved in research at some point during their college career, and Kaltenbach is no exception.

Kaltenbach cites research as one of his favorite ways to learn geology material. “I can read a textbook, I can take a test, but I think research is a good opportunity to actually do the things you’re studying,” he said.

Kaltenbach and the rest of the geology department have access to a wide assortment of tools and machines, including high-powered microscopes, rock saws and equipment for preparing specimens in epoxy mounts.

According to Kaltenbach, the geology department is a close-knit community of professionals and academics.

“People care in this department. They care about your professional development and they care about your personal development. It’s pretty nice being part of a community like that,” Kaltenbach said.

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