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Students enrolled in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Human Kinetics and Health Education Program (HKHE) are learning to be effective educators in the classroom while serving individuals of all ability levels through their adapted physical education (PE) courses.

Adaptive physical education programs design and adapt movement and activities for students whose abilities differ from their peers. What makes the UW Oshkosh program unique is that HKHE students graduate with not one but three teaching licenses that qualify them to teach physical, health and adapted physical education.

Chris Stratton, lecturer for the program, said that a majority of school districts want their teachers to have dual licensure in physical and adapted education and meet the needs of all students.

“Our students learn the complexities of effectively designed and age and developmentally appropriate activities for students with comorbidities, developmental disabilities and other health impairments. Most importantly, our students learn how to create and advocate for programming for an underserved population,” said Stratton

Currently, there are 127 students enrolled in the human kinetics and health education program. The program has a near perfect placement rating for the past five years with all of their students receiving a job within a year of graduation.

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