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This Spotlight series recognizes a student’s academic achievements and personal story. Students are nominated for this spotlight by faculty and staff.

Name: Uzma Khan
Age: 20
Home country: Pakistan
Currently residing: Kimberly
Career program/major: Business
High school attended: Milton High School and Kimberly High School
UW-Fox Valley student clubs/organizations: Business Club
Employment on campus: Barlow Planetarium Box Office and math tutor

How are your classes at UW-Fox Valley preparing you for your major?

One of the courses that I am enrolled in right now is financial accounting. It is one of the prerequisites for business majors. I really enjoy that class because I am learning something new every day related to my business major. I would like to have a job in the future in human resources management.

Why did you decide to become a student at UW-Fox Valley?

I decided to become a student at UW-Fox Valley because both of my older sisters earned their associate degrees from UW-Fox Valley, and they recommended this college to me. Also, it is a small community college where it will be easier for me to connect with people.

Is there a professor or staff member at UW-Fox Valley who made a difference in your life or inspired you?

The person that made a difference in my life and inspired me is my sister Laila Khan, who is a former student of UW-Fox Valley and graduated last year from this college. She always has motivated and encouraged me towards education and achieving my goals. She is the person that I can share my feelings with and she will listen to me.  Laila was the person who helped me the most in finding where to start my college journey. She is my mentor and my best friend.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming UW-Fox Valley student?

The piece of advice that I would give to an incoming UW-Fox Valley student is that college does get hard, but never lose your motivation and try your hardest in every class.

Describe something unexpected that happened here at UW-Fox Valley.

The thing that I didn’t expect was getting a job in the box office of the Barlow Planetarium. I sell tickets for the shows that are featured in the planetarium. People love all of the shows that are presented every month.

When not in class or studying, what keeps you busy?

Our lives get very busy, so it is very important to spend time with the family. I love my family. Also, I love to read and draw, so whenever I get the time, I spend it on reading or drawing.

What are your plans after UW-Fox Valley?

Education is very important for a person to be successful and to be confident in themselves that they can achieve their goals. After I complete my associate degree from UW-Fox Valley, I will then either go to UW Oshkosh or UW-Green Bay to earn my bachelor’s degree in business.

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