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Two University of Wisconsin Oshkosh staff members have been recognized by UW System for the roles they played in helping advance the UW Colleges and UW-Extension restructuring project.

Laurie Krasin, access campus director of communications, received the Outstanding Contributor Access Award. Bill Bultman, associate dean for academic affairs for access campuses and the campus administrator at the Fox Cities campus, received the Outstanding Contributor Opportunity Award.

UW System President Ray Cross, left, and UW System Vice President of Administration Robert Cramer, right, present UW Oshkosh Access Campus Director of Communications Laurie Krasin with the UW System Outstanding Contributor Award for her work on the restructure.

Krasin is credited with recognizing that naming was one of the most sensitive issues to get right for the restructuring of UW Oshkosh with the Fond du Lac and Fox Cities campuses.

“She grasped the many layers of naming, including community buy-in, alumni perceptions and, most importantly, the impact on the institution’s ability to recruit future students,” according to the awards presentation held Aug. 21 in Madison.

“Laurie’s contributions led to a name selection for UW Oshkosh and its branch campuses that was both successful and widely supported,” according to information from UW System.

Bultman’s background led him to create new and enhanced campus-based services in information technology.

“His work to help the three-campus university unify faculty members, course catalogs, calendars and other academic details was critical to the success of UW Oshkosh’s restructuring,” according to the award presentation.

The Outstanding Contributor awards recognize individuals who worked directly on the UW Colleges and UW-Extension Restructuring Project and whose work helped the project meet its goals of access, affordability and opportunity. Individuals who receive this award have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure successful plan implementation and smooth transitions for students, faculty and staff at the two-year branch campuses and UW-Extension.

The Access award is given to those who helped expand access to higher education for students across Wisconsin. The Opportunity award is given to those who helped expand educational, research and community partnership opportunities.